There have been times in my life when it appeared I had nothing. And there have been times when I’ve seemingly had everything. For so many of us out there living our lives, creativity has been and will continue to be about making more out of less. And there is no shame in seeing things differently or in venturing outside of what we’re conditioned to be or like or feel. A wise man once told me “You could look at it that way…” and he was right. Feeling stuck? You could look at it that way… or you could try on a different perspective. Flexibility? Adaptability? These are the stubborn, hearty stock of creativity. So you could stay stuck looking at something only one way. Or you could push beyond it and create something different and unique. Maybe you’re not where you thought you would be. But you have to keep moving to get to where you’re going. And there are so many miles left to explore.