Hiatus and why it’s healthy to take one

Hello Miles tribe. Welcome back after such a long break apart! I hope your corner of the world has been kind to you. On our end it has been a whirlwind of holiday chaos these past few months. But for the sake of full disclosure, I feel like we haven't really slowed down since we … Continue reading Hiatus and why it’s healthy to take one

Subscription Services: Worth it? Or nah?

Okay y'all… easily one of the most asked questions I get is whether or not I feel that my subscription services are worth it; "it" being different things to different people i.e. money, time, hassle, etc. The long and short of it (for me) is no. And here's why... Over the last year I have … Continue reading Subscription Services: Worth it? Or nah?

Goddess Provisions: January “Creative Vision” Box!

I realize you're all probably reading this at different times but I just had to give a shoutout to Tarka Indian Kitchen for helping a girl out. Leftover takeout for breakfast? Hell yeah! Real life, y'all. Sometimes it's egg whites with vegetarian bacon and sometimes it's leftover shrimp and vegetable Saag. It's called balance. Welcome … Continue reading Goddess Provisions: January “Creative Vision” Box!