Miles To Go: The girl behind the blog

Hello fam!

I would say that it’s been a minute since we last met up here, but you already know this. And as much as I love you all and this corner of the internet that we have eeked out, it’s important to keep it in perspective and to respect that I need time to live life outside of here. This site and the way in which I create and share content here is fluid like anything else. It needs to be —I need it to bein order to stay healthy and continue to grow.

Most of the time I spend on the internet (places like Instagram, Pinterest, other blogs, etc.) feels so repetitive. Everyone has the same feeds, the same ideas, the same styles… It feels so singular and one-note sometimes. And there’s this constant pressure to fit this mold. To focus my feed or trim down the blog to make myself more marketable and relatable. But that’s just it– I’m not living to be solely marketable or relatable. It’s great if people can come to Miles To Go and connect with something. And I understand that it can cause confusion to have so many avenues. I get that it may seem scattered and spread out but that’s because I’m human and as such, I’m multi-faceted by design. I am not one dimensional.

I am not just into fashion or just into makeup or décor or reading… I’m not just another alleged millennial scourge caught up in this more, more, more brand of consumerism and self-obsession. I can’t be. There has to be more than just this, otherwise what are we doing? I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t thought about restructuring my site and my feed to better meet the expectations of others. When your haven is built out of statistics and numbers it’s difficult to ignore the push for growth. But I want to make this very clear: I am here for quality– not quantity. Here on this site. Here in this world.

I’m not afraid of being different or alone or difficult. I’ve confirmed recently something that I feel I’ve always known– that it turns out I’m predisposed for these sorts of things and that’s okay. Despite my nom de plume, I’ve never hidden who I am here. I have no intentions of starting now just because it might make someone somewhere uncomfortable.

So this is what you get. A twenty-something just trying to figure it one misstep at a time. If you’re okay with that, then welcome. If you’re struggling to be okay with that, welcome anyway. If anything the common thread of Miles To Go is evolution. Growth. Finding the beauty that comes from finding yourself and developing an appreciation for the process.

For those of you just finding this space, Hi. I’m so happy you’re here. You can call me Chris. I love self-expression in all forms but you’ll find that I share fashion, beauty, and lifestyle here on this site. Not your thing? Maybe you’d rather check out some words that are close to my heart or join in on our book club. As you look around you might find that this site is a work in progress, because I am a work in progress. But I’m still here. I’m still learning. And I’ve still got miles to go…




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