How to Make the Most Out of Moving With These 5 Tips

I am writing to y’all at my new-to-me, upcycled vintage secretary’s desk that my sweet husband kindly helped me snag from the most beautiful, hole-in-the-wall shop in Austin today. And I have to say, it feels pretty damn good. Fam, I have missed y’all so, SO much. I can’t apologize enough for having been away but I, and my family, are so grateful for the understanding and patience. And for all those of you inquiring, we are doing just fine, thank you so much for asking! As you know if you’ve been following along, we have moved to a new apartment and we absolutely love it. It’s given us a very much needed change and so much more space to grow without giving up our beloved locale.

That being said, this post (as I’m sure you can tell) is going to be a bit more of a sit down chat than a haul or review. I really just wanted to touch base with y’all and let you know that we’re settling in nicely and it is time to get this show back on the road, so to speak. I did however want to share some of the things we’ve learned this time around from moving to a different apartment in our area. These tips are things that helped us specifically but our move was relatively small in comparison to some others so these may not apply in all cases.

Tip #1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This is a big one. It’s also probably one of the harder ones during this process. But honestly, it’s sort of like ripping off a band aid. Don’t know how to start looking for a new place? Ask someone. Family, friends, coworkers, realtors… There are so many resources out there. Whether you’re trying to track down a new home or are just nervous about hiring a moving company, don’t be afraid to stop someone and ask them what worked for them. Then ask the next person, and the next… It could save you a lot of heartache down the line. Trust me.

Tip #2. Pay it Forward. Take another look at the things you’re thinking of throwing out. Why not donate them? Or what about the suitcase full of clothes you’re never going to wear again? Do you really need three can openers? Moving is an excellent time to purge but if you’re going to do it, why not do it consciously? Make separate piles for resale, donation, and/or trash and stick to a system. And whatever you do, get it gone ASAP. Going back to my decluttering post (here) the sooner it’s out of your life the sooner you can move on and vice versa. There is no denying we have had some incredible things come into our life when we needed them and I love being able to take some of these things we’ve loved and enjoyed and give them new homes with others who will get just as much use out of them. And going back to Tip #1, make sure that you remember those who helped you during your process. For example: if your incredibly flexible, generous little brother volunteers to help you move heavy furniture items up three flights of stairs don’t just say thanks and kick him to the curb. Offer to fill up his gas tank. Have pizza or a meal ready to say “thanks for coming to our rescue (again).” And of course, offer to return the favor down the line. Keep the karma going, people.

Tip #3. Don’t be afraid of hard work. I know this one may seem silly but I’m 100% serious. Moving is stressful. Even with organization, color coding, and detailed systems in place. Guaranteed the vehicle will break down, you’ll accidentally throw out a “keep” box,  and there are always, ALWAYS casualties. But your sanity doesn’t have to be one of them. My husband and I have moved A LOT. And we really don’t enjoy it. But it’s a part of life so we’re about as cool with it as we’re gonna get at this point. However, this time around we brazenly shared with those who asked all about how we were going to hire movers and cleaners and just not worry about any of it this time…

Yeah… funny, right? Needless to say, our first meal in our new place was a healthy heaping of crow. But we didn’t mind. Honestly, when it came down to it, we just couldn’t justify paying someone else to do the things we were perfectly capable of doing. And with all of the moving parts, it was just easier to make multiple different trips when it was convenient for us than it would have been to hire a crew for an entire day to move things that don’t belong to them in and out of spaces they’re not responsible for. We knew that if we messed up, we only had ourselves to blame and we found that strangely less stressful than if we had involved professionals. But again, that’s just us.

Tip #4. Pack a First Night Box.  Or bag. Or whatever. What I mean by this is that as soon as we had our keys, we wanted to leave our old place behind and never look back. But we were trying to play it smart and gave ourselves a little bit of time between places so that we weren’t in a rush to be out by a certain date. However, we were excited. So I wanted to make sure we moved the things that we needed in first. We brought things like towels and shower stuff, basic groceries and cookware, clothes, mattress, etc. so that we could stay over if we wanted or needed to. But really the biggest help getting us ready for the first night in our new place was a company called Grove Collaborative. We purchased from them a box that came prefilled with natural, organic cleaning, paper, and cotton products. And I have to say they have absolutely changed how we’re doing things in our new home. Be sure to check them out when you get a chance and shop discounted super brands like Mrs. Meyers and Seventh Generation.

Tip #5. Do what feels right. At the end of the day, you know yourself. You know if you’re going to work better at your own pace or if you really do need those movers. You know your budget and your priorities and you are the one who’s going to have to live with the decisions you make. Whether it’s a solo mission or a full team, be open and honest about your expectations and your willingness throughout the process. It’s helped us to avoid a lot of unnecessary battles and really just focus on what we wanted and where we wanted to be. So after seeking out guidance and receiving help and using the resources around you to prepare for the just-in-case things, do what feels right for you and forget the rest.


So that’s where we’re at, fam. I have some great things coming your way and so many new things I absolutely am so excited to share with you. I hope you love them as much as I do. Until next time… Wishing you all good things. Always.




4 thoughts on “How to Make the Most Out of Moving With These 5 Tips

  1. Eeeeek, it’s so good to have you back! I’ve recently been thinking about moving, right now it’s just a dream but when we finally take the plunge we will keep your tips in mind!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a learning experience each and every time! But I’m so glad it’s over and we can breathe and get back into a routine. I can’t wait to share with y’all the great things I’ve been picking up for our new space! So exciting! 🖤


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