Blast from the Past: 20% Off AEO Haul

Y’all, I have a confession to make. I know someone somewhere out there is reading this and thinking “Ooooh girl, don’t do it!” but I just can’t help it. The truth is the 90’s are back and I am SO here for them and I don’t care who knows it! Having spent the 90’s battling adolescence, I missed out on so many of the amazing trends from that decade and I feel like I’ve been fighting to get back there ever since. Thankfully, the fight is finally over.

I mean think about it. The crop tops, the florals, the moody prints, button-up maxi dresses, romantic lace… & who could forget the renaissance influence with peasant blouses, long, flowing skirts, and corset tops… I could go on. So when I saw that some of my favorite fashion influencers were raving about American Eagle Outfitters and Aerie for their newfound respect for the plus size tribe I was more than a little skeptical. I certainly didn’t expect to find what I did… which was myself falling back in love with a brand after a breakup.  That’s right. We’re giving it another shot & things are looking up!

Real talk. I haven’t shopped at AE in years (9 years to be exact) and I don’t know that I’ve ever shopped their sister, spin-off brand Aerie before now. While I love the beachy, romantic vibe they’re known for, I’ve always found them a bit overpriced and all too eager to participate in the reinforcement of fat-phobia with their unrealistic interpretations of beauty. But it seems they’re coming around and making some changes for the better so I figured “What the hell, why not give them a second chance?” It looks like I’m not the only one who’s changed. And I’m so very glad.


Aerie Ribbed Scoop Bikini Top Retail: $29.95… Sale: $16.00

Aerie High Neck Bikini Top Retail: $32.95… Sale: $20.00


AE Velvet Hi-Neck Bodysuit $24.95… Sale: $7.98

AE Soft & Sexy Strappy-Back Bodysuit Retail: $24.95… Sale: $7.98 (*sold out)

AE Hook & Eye Corset Crop Top Retail: $24.95… Sale: $7.98


AE Soft & Sexy Ribbed Lace-up Tank Retail: $19.95… Sale: $6.38 (*sold out but this one is similar)

AE Lace-up Corset Crop Top Retail: $24.95… Sale: $19.96


AEO Soft & Sexy Cami Tank Retail: $17.95… Sale: $5.74 (*sold out)


AEO Soft & Sexy Flutter Strap Retail: $19.95… Sale: $6.38 (*sold out)

Aerie Move Corset Tank (Navy and Gray) Retail: $24.95… Sale: $13.97 (*sold out but this is similar)

Aerie Eyelet Crop Tank (blue, white, pink) Retail: $29.95… Sale: $16.77

AEO Soft & Sexy Smocked Crop Tank (Black, Rust, & Blue) Retail: $22.95… Sale: $18.36

So what did you think? Yes, it’s a haul full of tops. Sorry not sorry because I just did a jean haul this winter so I’m pretty stocked up on pants. However, after cleaning out my closet I had room for some great new tops to go with all of my skirts and new denim. Besides, it wasn’t technically all tops. I also took part in their 10 for $35 chonie sale and scored some seriously comfortable and adorable styles (for all my BLT folks out there, I would highly recommend the high-waisted boy briefs in just about any design– no rolling, no bunching, no riding up… it’s like heaven). AEO and Aerie have tons of variety with everything from romantic velvet to beachy eyelet and varsity tailgate styles.

I’m glad they’re finally loving me as much as I wanted to love them. It may not be the beginning of beautiful relationship but it is definitely a very promising rekindling of sorts. So if you’re on the fence, or maybe you’re still stuck in the past like I was, I’ll say this: I’m glad I tried again. I’m glad there are people out there who see the value in brands who produce good quality fashion and who are willing to work from the inside out to broaden that spectrum to be more inclusive as we all grow and mature. So here’s to starting over in 2018. And from American Eagle Outfitters/Aerie, to me, now to you…   a gift: you can save 20% off your first order here –>

Until next time I am wishing you all good things, loves. Always. XO


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