Rue21 Clearance Haul

Hello Miles tribe and welcome back! I have some exciting news for y’all in this post. It’s our first Rue21 haul, y’all! For those of you who are not familiar with Rue21 I would say it’s a very similar price point and quality to shops like Charlotte Russe, Forever21, and Boohoo. But a lot of the pieces I picked up in this clearance haul I wound up being pleasantly surprised by. I would say that a majority of the items from this haul were a bit sturdier and higher quality than I anticipated from a company like Rue21. It’s a hodgepodge haul with some different every day staples mixed in with some awesome holiday clearance. All in all I only paid full price for one of the items that you see here and I wound up saving more than $150 for a total of 14 items. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Christmas Clearance. After holiday clearance is where it’s at, y’all. It’s the perfect time to get all of the cute things you didn’t catch the first time around like these oversized graphic t-shirts. The best part is, because these are a nice, oversized, thick t-shirt material, they’re great for husband to borrow, too.

Tell My What You Want T-shirt – Retail: $19.99; Paid: $6.00Sparkles & Snowflakes T-shirt – Retail: $19.99; Paid: $6.00 I’m The Realest T-shirt: Retail: $16.99; Paid: $5.10

Cheeky Graphic Tees. I know that graphic tees have really been making a strong comeback in the last few years and I’ve been sort of on the fence about them. I think that if you’re getting the right shape and the right message for you then they’re a really fun way to make a statement (har har).

  • This first shirt is a little sharper than I’d like and I almost didn’t get it because of this (*I prefer shirts that are about positivity versus negativity). However, it’s a great cropped fit, thick tee that’s perfect for lounging around the house, cleaning, or going to the gym to really give myself that extra boost of confidence. For styling this out and about I’d probably wear it with a vest, some leggings and boots/sneakers or maybe thrown on over a great maxi dress or skirt.   Retail: $16.95… Paid: $8.47   *This has actually gone down in price. Now only $6.78  img_2548img_2551
  • Rock N’ Roll Stole My Soul. True story. Again, I was super surprised and excited to find that this t-shirt, like some of the others, was made of a thicker, higher quality material that’s going to last. I will end up styling this probably with skirts this summer or over a lightweight, patterned cami dress with some ribbon lace up combat boots and a baker boy hat (*which are super on trend at the moment).  Retail: $14.95… Paid: $7.47  *Now only $5.00
  • When I saw this messy hair ringer tee I wasn’t super drawn to it at first. It’s actually the kind of graphic tee I normally pass on without a second thought. Don’t get me wrong, it’s adorable but it’s a bit too on the nose and kind of juvenile. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought about ways I could make this work and how I don’t have anything like this in my wardrobe at the moment. It is a much thinner material that’s almost see-through but is super soft. I like that the writing is in a pale pink so it’s not as straightforward or obnoxious. I think it would be great under a denim or leather jacket with some high-waisted flares or skinny jeans with a step hem and some chunky booties. Sort of a dressed down, 70’s IDGAF vibe. And special attention to all my plus babes out there who with thick arms, this ringer style doesn’t dig in AT ALL. I actually found it to be very comfortable and lowkey.  Retail: $14.95… Paid: $7.47 * This has gone down. Now only $4.48

Super Soft Ultra Cropped. This next tee is the kind of tee that I didn’t think I could wear for the longest time. I remember my first time trying on a cropped tee. I had unearthed it from my mother’s cedar chest and wanted to try it on. It was this beautiful red crop from Hang Ten and I was maybe eleven or twelve. Years of negative mental conditioning told me that I “shouldn’t” feel beautiful in something so revealing but I did. And I will always remember that moment as a little push-back against the fat-phobic world. This top reminds me of that. It’s the softest tee material (that probably won’t hold up well) with this really pretty floral pattern. I can see this paired with a black circle skirt, some tights or fishnets and some booties or combat boots OR thrown on underneath a cami dress for a really 90’s vibe. Retail: $12.90… Paid: $3.87 

Distressed Tank. I’m still not sure how I feel about paying for clothing that’s already destroyed but for things like the gym or days when I want to have a really cute bralette peek through, it’s nice to have one or two of these in my closet. This is just a really lightweight, dove grey muscle tank with distressing detail. It’s not a cropped fit so I might style this knotted over a skirt or dress with some layered jewelry for a bohemian look OR just thrown on over some jeans with some white sneakers for more of a laidback vibe.   Retail: $12.90… Paid: $3.87 

Graphic Tee Dress. So I’ve been getting more and more into this design lately. This sort of patchwork band tee shirt dress. There’s something so DIY and classically grunge about it that I kind of really love it. The downside of this being that t-shirt dresses tend to fit very sheeth-like — more or less, straight up and down. For a girl with some hips and curves, this isn’t exactly the easiest thing to rock with a little roll so in a lot of these items from Rue I did size up because I’d rather have something be too big than too small. Having gone up a size, I now have more of an oversized t-shirt fit as opposed to a fitted silhouette. But it’s still a little short for my liking so I think I’d like to add a layer of eyelash lace along the bottom hemline to give the illusion of some length and just a touch of something unexpected to soften the overall aesthetic of this grungy tee dress. But I’ve ben seeing these dresses selling for around $50-$60+ at stores like my beloved Torrid so to find it so cheap at Rue, it was a great to time branch out and try something different without breaking the bank in case things didn’t work out as planned for your girl.    Retail: $18.97… Paid: $5.69 

Cropped Hoodie. This hoodie is not quite the traditional hoodie fabric. It’s a bit thinner and softer, not as rough as your regular crewneck. I like that it’s black because I’m super basic and black is very classic and doesn’t dirty very easily. I like that this cropped style sits right above my hips so it’s great to throw on over just about anything and head out. And of course, I love the cheeky phrase “Girls Bite Back.” Retail: $24.95… Paid: $12.47  *This has gone down in price. Now only $7.49

Oversized Graphic Crew Neck Sweatshirt. I’m pretty sure this is my favorite piece from the entire haul. I don’t normally go for crewneck sweatshirts. It’s just not my normal aesthetic but I’ve been branching out a bit and with the various brands that are now at our disposal as plus size individuals, it changes the way we see some things. Three words to describe my day-off self: can’t be bothered. This sweatshirt is super comfortable and oversized. It’s a thick, classic material that will soften up with wear over time and I won’t have to worry about it shredding or catching on something the way a thinner sweatshirt would. I love this sweatshirt so much I’m wearing it as I type this.   Retail: $26.99… Paid: $26.99 *This was my full priced piece and I am so glad I got this*

Colored Jeans. That’s right. Every fall and winter without fail I end up lusting after some gorgeous pumpkin or rust colored jeans only to end up convince myself that they won’t look right or fit right. Cue me schlepping off, pout in full force. Well not today, jeans! Ordering jeans online can be very tricky and to say that I was skeptical would be an understatement. However, I am pleased to report that these jeans worked out quite well. They’re not a perfect jean but they fit, they’re comfortable, they’re crazy soft (like seriously, how the hell are they so soft?!), and they’re a nice, dark pumpkin-camely color. In the fall they’ll pair great with sweaters and riding boots. In the summer I can’t wait to pair with maybe a great crochet top, fringe vest, and some gladiator sandals OR a great band tee, a geometric/tribal sweater, and some booties.   Retail: $26.93… Paid: $13.46… *So I just saw that these are now even CHEAPER than when I bought them $8.00 img_2542

Cold Shoulder Shift Dress. The could shoulder trend is everywhere, y’all. It’s on tops, sweatshirts, sweaters, dresses, etc. Initially I really liked the dusty rose color of this dress with the complimentary floral print. It’s a light chiffon material which will be great going into summer and I could really see myself styling this with a woven vest I just got from a secondhand shop, some cute gladiators, and a straw hat for summer or adding some tights, boots, and a felt hat for winter. It’s a basic staple that’s great to have in your close to just throw on when you’re not sure what you want to wear. I did size up in this dress because shift dresses tend to be very up and down and altogether unforgiving of hips. I’m glad I did because I found that this dress actually ran small and I would have been uncomfortable in my normal size. Overall I definitely wouldn’t pay full price for this dress but since it was such a good deal, I don’t really mind that it’s not the best ever.    Retail: $23.97… Paid: $7.19

Crochet Bandeau Dress. This dress makes my little bohemian, hippie heart so, so happy. Y’all know that rust is my color. I love the deep, rich reds and the burnt oranges. Finding something like this just speaks to my west coast soul and really makes me nostalgic for mornings spent at the farmer’s market. I can’t wait to style this in the summer, again, just with some easy sandals or maybe some wedges and a cute straw, floppy hat or boater. This is an item I also sized up in and the top is very, VERY elastic and stretchy so realistically on the top I could have sized down from my normal size instead of sizing up. But had I done that, it would have been too small in the skirt. Personally, I’d rather something end up being a little bit too big than too small.    Retail: $20.97… Paid: $6.29

Alright fam bam, that is it! So brief recap of Rue21:

  1. They provide an inexpensive product meant for mass production.
  2. As such, you tend to get what you pay for.
  3. However, they do have some great quality items at a good price point.
  4. Great basics!
  5. If you’re not sure, SIZE UP! Companies like Rue21 are geared toward juniors sizing so pay attention to the measurement chart and know your body ahead of time to avoid wasting time and money.

All in all, I really enjoyed shopping their site. It was quick and easy. There were tons of sales and I feel like I got a great deal on some things that are both fun and functional. I would definitely shop them again and I feel like their sizing is more or less on point with just a few exceptions. Of course, if you’re in between sizes like I can be, I would size up. And don’t beat yourself up for this, y’all. This is a brand that caters to juniors sizing so make sure you go by the measurements and that you’re shopping for YOUR body. On that note, I love you all and I wish you all well. Make sure you click “Follow” to subscribe so you don’t miss a beat. Join the Miles Tribe on Instagram by following @milestogoxo. I can’t wait to see you all there. Leave your love notes in the comments below or send me a quick message with what you’d like to see next. Wishing you all good things, fam. Always. Xo



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