Homeware Haul: January 2018, y’all!

Hey y’all! Is it just me or has it been a minute since we’ve done a homeware haul? Initially when I started blogging I wanted to focus on how to style things on a budget and how to stay on trend in a thrifty way. And while I’ve been able to share with y’all a lot of sales and deals I’ve gotten over the last few months, I feel like it’s time to take a beat now that we’re on this side of the holiday shopping buzz and refocus a bit. So I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the new year than with a little thrift/clearance haul from some of my favorite budget-friendly stores: Goodwill and Marshall’s. I’m just going to jump right in…

Witch’s hat. So initially when I saw this I immediately was drawn to the vintage sort of steampunk feel of it. It’s made of metal that’s been painted black but has some of the patina showing ’round the edges. It’s very traditional in its shape and not at all gimmicky which I really appreciate and prefer in my more seasonal décor because realistically, I like pieces that can be found in a home that add quirk all year long and not just the bright, in-your-face, specific items that get trotted out once a year. Something like this could easily sit next to a mantle or blanket basket from August to July and you wouldn’t think twice about it. Some people really prefer having specific items for designated holidays and seasons and while I can appreciate this feeling to a certain extent, I’m just not part of that tribe. Paid: $3.99  *This item was thrifted from Goodwill & did not have any origin info

Candlestick. These are one of my best kept secrets, y’all. Candlesticks. I can’t even begin to tell you how many candlesticks I have. I don’t bother trying to find matching ones sometimes because when I’m styling in my home I use them to create different height an dimension more often than I use them to create symmetry. For me, coming across a candlestick is like coming across stray animals, I just feel the need to bring them all home. Candlesticks, very much like picture frames, instantly make a space more cozy and they’re the easiest way to tie a space together. You can paint them, distress them, wrap them, glue them, sand them down… You could have ten different candlesticks of varying shapes and sizes but if you paint them all the same color you’ve instantly taken a step toward solidifying and grounding a space. If you find a great candlestick, grab it. Trust me. Paid: $3.00 *This item was thrifted from Goodwill & did not have any origin info

Candles. I love candles. Candles and candlesticks. You’re shocked, I know. So if you’ve been following along, you’ve seen that in my Holiday Gift Guide 2017 post this really stunning candle from a company formerly known as Wick’d. The L.A. based company is now called Biren & Co and they specialize in these pre-dripped candles that are so romantic and whimsical. I love them. I also love that since they’ve rebranded that all of their older candles from Wicked are trickling down through my local Homegoods and Marshalls just waiting for me. Ultimately, my vision for these candles is to have them all across a mantle, inside a fireplace, or nestled in a corner somewhere in varying heights. Until such a time, I will be hoarding these. Don’t mind me. The medium drip candles retail on their site for $22. Paid: $10.00

Stoneware Pitcher. I’ve always been really attracted to hewn homewares. Whether it’s pottery or furniture, there’s just something so beautiful about the rawness of it. Someone MADE this thing that you’re holding. And if you’ve ever made something you know how much time and effort go into these things and it makes them instantly more personal. It’s also uniquely humbling coming across someone’s art out in the world. It’s like a solemn, subtle nod to creative types everywhere that says “keep going.” Now after I’ve said all of these wonderfully inspirational things, I’m sorry to let you down by saying that this pitcher was not handcrafted by some fabulous local artist. It’s actually from a brand carried by Target called 3R Studios. However, the style of it is very eclectic and unique like handmade items tend to be and this is what caught my eye. I wasn’t able to find this exact pitcher online so I’m still a little skeptical but Marshall’s compared it at $25.00.  Paid: $10.00

Novelty Clock. In styling my home I don’t necessarily have a cohesive theme. Part of this is because I’m such a lover of sales and good deals that when I see something that I find value in or that I’m attracted to, I pick it up with little thought or consideration for how it may effect the overall aesthetic. Basically, if I like it enough I’ll make it work. Also, I enjoy finding things on my own. Part of the fun of having a cool, styled space is finding pieces that have a story. I picked up this round mirror in an antique shop in downtown L.A. I found this floor lamp at a garage sale for $5. I snagged this mannequin on a curb outside a warehouse with my best friend. Shopping and styling aren’t just about getting stuff. Anyone can get stuff. The point, for me at least, is to find items that speak to you and represent you or the you that you want to be. This bunny ear novelty clock is whimsical and fun but in a subtle, quirky, classic way. I picked this up from Marshall’s by a company called Westclox. The tag says to compare it at $18.00 but when I went online to find it on Westclox, I couldn’t find it. SO… what I was able to find that was similar was this a bunny ear clock at Pottery Barn Teen which retails between $39-$59.   Paid: $12.99 

Comforter. When I go out shopping I subconsciously set a budget for myself. Within that budget, I have smaller budgets like: I am willing to spend X amount of money on any single item. And if I find an item that challenges that, there are follow up questions that I ask myself like: Is this something I can actually see myself using? Will it hold up with frequent use involving husbands and dogs (VERY important question)? Will I obsess over this at 2am in the morning if I don’t take it home with me? And of these questions, I kind of focus on a best two out of three scenario. This 4 piece comforter set by Dream Stories solidly met two out of three. I will use this pretty frequently. Realistically, the majority of my bedding over the years has fallen victim to the ways of both husbands and pets so it probably won’t last long. BUT I definitely would’ve been dreaming about this set at 2am had I left it behind. 2 out of 3, y’all.  Paid: $49.99

Did I go out looking for any of these things intentionally? No. Did I happen to find some really cute/amazing things I didn’t know I needed? Most definitely. So it counts as a win. So that’s it for this haul, tribe. I hope you liked it. As always make sure you’re following along on Instagram @milestogoxo and hit subscribe if you haven’t already. Leave comments below with your favorite items from this hall. Wishing you all good things, fam-a-lam. Always. XO


p.s. Wanna see how I style these and more IRL? Let me know in the comments below.

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