Torrid: January Haute Cash Try On Haul

Miles  Tribe, hello! I hope the new year is treating you well so far. I don’t know about you, but I for one am really enjoying the after holiday sales. And of course I’m obsessed with Torrid. I know, I know… but they’re just too good! I promise I have some new things lined up for spring, though, so don’t you worry.  For those of you who are familiar with Torrid’s reward system, it is currently Haute Cash time and that means HUGE savings and a very happy Chris. There are certain times of the year that your everyday purchases with Torrid can earn you major coupons for future use. When I say major coupons I’m talking $25 off your next $50 purchase and $50 off your next $100 purchase. YEAH. I KNOW! Now there are other rules and restrictions so if you’re dipping into the Haute Cash pond for the first time, ask an associate for some help. My local store always looks out for me and helps me get the best deals.

Ready? We may need a bigger boat, y’all…

So the very first piece in this haul was one of my absolute favorites. But I didn’t get it. Because I’m that kid who falls in love with the one thing in the store that isn’t part of the sale. Yeah. So while this mixed fabric jersey/anorak jacket with drawstring waist (thankyoulawd) was incredibly comfortable and just the right amount of warm, I told myself in the store that it wasn’t something I needed at the moment. Because winters in the south don’t typically last very long and unless it was a crazy good deal, I couldn’t justify purchasing a jacket as we head back into higher temps in the next few months. *Cue freezing ice storm* I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back for it, so keep your eyes peeled. And when I do, I’ll pair this over sun dresses with some ankle boots for a cute, tough girl vibe or with my favorite tee, some jeans, and sneakers for more of a laidback look.  Listed: $88.90… In Store Clearance: $66 something? (Sorry y’all. I didn’t write down the sale price because sale items aren’t eligible with Haute Cash and even though this item was out on the floor with the regular priced items, it just didn’t qualify.)

Blush. Velvet. Motorcycle. Jacket. Yep. I’ve seen this in the store a few times since it came out & every time I think it’s so amazing but just not me. Well, I was right. But now that I’ve tried it I can safely put it behind me. I think. It’s a super fine, crushed velvet with really subtle details like lacing up the sleeve & the outer waist. I sized up because with structured jackets I tend to need more room in the arms & this was no exception. But while the lining in the body of the jacket is a cool, unforgiving satin, the lining in the arms is a stretchy material which is great for all my babes on the go who don’t have time for that other nonsense. So if you’re looking for a great jacket for the spring that’s elevated & totally boss to spice up your office wear, I would highly recommend adding this into your rotation. It can be styled up or down easily & will earn you endless praise. Listed $98.90… Potential Savings: 50% Off




Since we’re on a roll with jackets, this lightweight, vintage wash cotton bomber with quilted detail is something I really wanted to love. It feels INCREDIBLY soft and comfy – the perfect transitional piece from late winter into early spring. But it just didn’t end up being my jam. Had it worked out, I could easily see myself rocking this over a cheeky vintage tee with some classic indigo wash denim flares and wooden wedges or platforms. Listed : $74.90… Sale: $51.98 (*also ineligible for Haute Cash)


So you know when you finally escape winter and find yourself in the middle of summer dying but still wanting some cute layering pieces? Like when the office cranks up the air conditioning to overcompensate so you’re constantly back and forth between Hades’ summer home and Antarctica? Grab a cute wrap piece! I promise, these things are what get me through the summer. They’re lighter than jackets, dressier than cardigans, and they instantly make all of your sleeveless tops and tanks wearable in more formal settings. I didn’t end up grabbing this black embroidered challis top because it’s still a little overpriced for my taste (even with my Haute Cash coupons) but the beautiful detail had me seriously on the fence for a minute there.   Listed: $58.90

Those of you who saw my Fall Clothing Haul are aware of the heartbreak I experienced over a beaded, fall printed, velvet burnout kimono duster. It was gorgeous but just too overpowering. This is a great compromise and it’s just the right length so as not to be too much. The colors are very rich and deep. The garment is vented on the sides which makes this great for all the babes out there who have a little more BLT (Butt, Legs, Tummy) action going on. I didn’t end up taking this home with me because I have several kimonos at the moment but if I see this beauty on clearance you can bet I’ll snag it.  Listed: $78.90… Potential Savings $25 off $50 with Haute Cash



Moving right along into dresses — because I was, am, and will probably always be a dress person by nature. Sorry not sorry. This dress, though, has a bit too much going on even for me. It’s a full maxi, pseudo-wrap dress with keyhole detail in the back, flutter sleeves, and floral print. If you think that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. And we’re on the same page. It’s a bit of a busy dress. And personally, I just felt like it wore me instead of the other way around. Maybe if the palette were a bit tamer or if they’d opted for more space between the florals? Maybe if they chose either a solid floral or floral illusion design instead of merging both? I’m not really sure. I can’t tell exactly what it is about this that just felt overwhelming for me.  The fabric was nice and had a bit of stretch to it. I have similar dresses and the material is really nice and cool in the summertime. The cut was very flattering and comfortable. But I just didn’t like it on me.   Listed: $74.90… Potential $25 Savings with Haute Cash

This dress is so cute and vibrant! It would be perfect for spring/summer. It’s an ivory and floral, three-quarter sleeve, challis skater dress. “But Chris, you just got done saying the other floral dress was too busy… what’s the deal?” Yes. This one is also busy. But it’s a consistent busy in softer colors (I’ve brightened them here so the details really pop) that overall aren’t as visually accosting as the other. What you can kind of see in the second picture is that the bottom hem of the dress is actually a ruffle so it breaks it up a bit and adds a little quirk. The gathering at the waist really ramps up the twirl factor, too. I think what really would have sent this dress over the edge for me (in a good way) would’ve been a softer tone overall. I love the youthful print but when paired with bright pinks & spring greens it just made the overall dress feel like something a much younger Chris would’ve worn.  Listed: $68.90… Potential Savings $25 off $50 with Haute Cash

So by now you may be thinking “Geez, Chris! My nana doesn’t own this many florals!” You might be right. But I’d be willing to bet your grandmother would appreciate this chiffon dress. It’s a beautiful deep green with hints of blue almost like a dark cyan color. It doesn’t translate well on camera so you may just have to take my word for it. The florals are more natural and less fabricated done in these really pretty beige and light gold hues. Overall it has a more whimsical tone to it with a bit of unexpected sass in the ruffled, off shoulder which modernizes things just a bit. This will be perfect year ’round. In the fall and winter I’d pair it with some pretty maroon, rust, or mustard colored tights and an asymmetrical knit or woven vest and in the summer I’d swap it out for some dainty, layered gold necklaces and leather strappy sandals or slouchy western boots.  Listed: $68.90… Online Sale Price: $44.98

I love the idea of this dress. I love the high, mock turtleneck. The empire waist is very flattering and comfortable. The illusion back and sleeves are beautiful and cheeky. But they didn’t actually have it in my size. They had 3 sizes too big or 1 size too small. So while I was able to get it on, it obviously didn’t fit comfortably and I moved on pretty quickly from this piece. I just didn’t love it enough to try and make it work. However, it would be a great dress for a semi-formal event like a wedding, graduation, or even in an office setting with a cute cardi or blazer. Listed $68.90… Online Sale Price: $54.98 (SOLD OUT)

Y’all, your girl is such a hippie at heart. The flowy fabrics, the natural prints, the earth tones and neutrals… I just love them. This next dress may not look super spectacular up front but when it comes down to it, it really ticks all the boxes as we head into the warmer months. This multi-color floral, off shoulder cotton skater dress is awesome. And I didn’t know just how awesome it was until I got a closer look. First, the material that the dress is made of actually has a Swiss dot texture to it which is as unique as it is surprising. There’s a bit of sass with a tie front and crochet detailing on the sleeves. I did size up in this dress because they didn’t have my size but even though it’s a bit bigger, it’s still not a true off shoulder top. This dress is pretty straightforward and would slide into my daily lineup of hats and boots quite nicely. In the summer I’d pair it with some gladiator sandals and maybe a fringe vest (*note to self: find cool fringe vest).                       Listed: $68.98… Potential Savings $25 off of $50 with Haute Cash

Realistically I tried on this next dress because it’s outside my comfort zone. It’s allover velvet, stretchy, and very, VERY 90’s feeling. I loved a lot of the 90’s fashions and I really feel like I missed out on them the first time around for various reasons (age, accessibility, etc.). But this particular dress just seemed like too much 90’s, if you catch my drift. Needless to say, I wasn’t missing out on anything when it came to this dress. They didn’t have my size so I sized up & it was too big. It just didn’t really do anything for me.       Listed $64.90… Online Sale Price: $48.98 (*not eligible for Haute Cash coupon)

Okay. This one is one of those pieces you have to see ON. The hanger just does nothing for it. And it’s not floral, so you’re welcome. This GORGEOUS ruffle, off shoulder pinstriped dress with button front is so evocative of summers by the ocean it tugged on my heartstrings and made me homesick for the west coast. It also made me think of Mary Poppins and Disney princesses simultaneously. I’m not sure what the correlation is, but I’ll get back to you on that. Basically, this dress is dreamy. And vintagey. And a million other amazing things. This will be an easy, no-brainer staple this summer. It’ll go quite nicely with a simple straw hat and some colorful sandals or a messy high pony and some white sneakers maybe with a cute novelty bag for a pop of color and whimsy.   Listed: $64.90… Potential Savings $25 off $50 with Haute Cash. 

y’all, tie dye is a guilty pleasure of mine. But it has to be done right. I would have preferred they not make this in a horizontal stripe because no matter how old I get or how secure I become in myself and in my body, I think I will always have my mother’s voice in the back of my head telling me that horizontal stripes make you look wider. And you know what? She might be right. But I’m not twelve-years-old anymore. And I’m evolved enough now to know that wider does not equate to “less than.” If you feel great in it, wear it. I don’t care if they’re thigh high snakeskin boots with bells and whistles and feather trim. You rock the shit out of those boots. So this navy and white tie dye sweater with lace-up arm detail is great. I actually went a size up from what you see here in the pictures to really get that oversized look and I can’t wait to wear it paired with a belt over dresses, knotted at the waist with flowy skirts, or thrown on over jeans and sandals for a quick coffee date.   Listed: $58.90… Potential Savings $25 off $50 with Haute Cash

Fam, I don’t care who you are or what you do. Peplum is adorable. Some folks are afraid of the pep or maybe they prefer a sleeker line and that’s fine. But it is comfortable and skims over and away from the hips which is flattering on everyone whether you’re trying to create some shape and volume or compliment what you’ve already got. It’s a catch-all. This French terry burnout peplum top had me from the get-go. I loved it. I did not, however, take it home with me. And like the very first jacket, I was a little heartbroken. I was trying to be good and really focus just on getting the best deal with my Haute Cash. This was also listed as regular price out on the floor with the rest of the newer merchandise but at the register they informed me this and that first anorak jacket were actually marked down on clearance (but not down far enough for me to justify purchasing two colder weather items when I’m over here trying to get ahead for summer). So I will be going back for this. Mark my words. *I could not find this online. I believe in the store it was around $40 or so. Check your local Torrid to see if they have it in stores. 


Alright, y’all. So just to recap: Let’s say a person had accumulated somewhere around $600 in Haute Cash. Hypothetically speaking, they could potentially save $300. If they have $300 worth of Haute Cash, they could save $150, and so on. It really depends on what you like and what you’re looking for. I don’t normally shop full-priced items without some sort of sale, coupon, or gift card. I’m a clearance shopper. So it was a little strange for me to switch gears this time around and I actually passed on some of my sale/clearance items in favor of the better deal. It feels wrong. You may feel dirty as you browse through the racks and see the tags devoid of markdowns. DON’T PANIC. It will be okay. Just do your homework and don’t be afraid to ask for help. And STAY FOCUSED! Don’t let the siren call of the clearance section lure you into a false sense of security. You may end up paying more for less. Happy hunting, y’all! Until next time, I’m wishing you all good things. Always. XO



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