Goddess Provisions: December “Solstice Priestess” Box

Hello my loves! Welcome back for another unboxing of my favorite subscription service, Goddess Provisions. So if you’ve been following along this is my third box from them (technically my second monthly subscription box) and with each one I just love this company more and more. They focus on providing holistic products that are good for the subscriber and good for the earth. Their boxes include everything from healing crystals to medicinal teas, jewelry that supports relief/clean-up efforts and vegan food products. It just goes to show that there are incredible, conscious companies out there providing top tier products at affordable prices. And if you’re new to this, like me, but you’re trying to take that conscious leap this is a great way to meet new companies and new products that will get you there. Alright babes, let’s go!

So far in each of the three boxes I’ve received there have been some great essential oils and/or sprays which I LOVE LOVE LOVE because I am super into learning about the different ways in which your body can heal itself with various herbs and oils. Side note: how ridiculous is it that using natural items in our lives is somehow the cool *new* thing to do? Obviously it’s not new because societies have been utilizing a lot of these things for centuries… okay no. I won’t tangent, scout’s honor.  SO the first thing I pulled out of this December box was the Wild Rose Solstice Botanical Salt Spray with spearmint and juniper (handmade in Oregon) from Wild Rose Herbs. Salt spray is great for beachy, textured hair or as a nice refreshing deodorizer or body spray.  And the combination of spearmint and juniper is so clean and crisp without being overwhelming. My husband has been lowkey spritzing this on himself before leaving in the mornings–as if I wouldn’t notice. Little does he know, I actually really, REALLY love that he’s into these products.  Solstice Botanical Salt Spray 1oz Retail: $7.95

The next item in the box was this really beautiful clear point quartz crystal. Now this may not bee everyone’s cup of tea but you’ll notice there are some unique– I don’t want to say abnormalities, but kind of? But the dark spots, I think, are part of what makes this crystal really cool. They look really earthy and natural and imperfect which is really nice and refreshing because so many of the crystals and stones out there tend to be whittled down and etched and overdone. Clear quartz is “extremely popular metaphysically.” It’s described as the most versatile healing stone among all crystals,” and “is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention.  Clear Quartz protects against negativity, attunes to your higher self, and relieves pain.” Now this particular item did not have a tag or a label so I can’t link the seller for you but it’s listed on the information sheet as being valued at $5.00.

How many of you like jewelry? Trick question? Maybe not. Jewelry isn’t for everyone. “But Chris, this next piece is jewelry, isn’t it?” Yes, yes it is. But it’s not a chunky, sparkly, over-the-top, or super delicate something that you have to futz with or worry over. It’s a natural, wooden medallion with a beautiful mandala laser etching made from harvested hardwood from Laser Trees. It comes in this long, thin cord which you can keep or easily replace with a pretty chain or shorter cord or piece of leather. Each piece is different and unique because of the wood that’s used. It’s a beautiful sustainable product that supports a quality local artisan. And it’s great as a layering piece or a stand alone piece for yogi babes, moms on-the-go, and all those amazing folks out there who maybe want to try a “non-jewelry” type jewelry.  Retail: $20.00

Fam… this candle? I can’t even with this candle from Fire and Bloom. It smells SO GOOD! Soooo good. And their description on the site is so spot on:

Shakti lives in you: a divine feminine wellspring of power, a sacred sexual life force, the very heart of Tantra. Inspire movement, awaken creativity, and ignite your sensuality with this Shakti candle tin. Starring Lotus, Hibiscus, and Cornflower.”

I mean… even with all of that sauciness aside, it smells incredible. It looks beautiful. I love that it’s made with “all natural soy wax and dyes” which means each candle is unique and one-of-a-kind.   4oz candle tin Retail: $12.00

Now this next item IMHO was kind of a dud. It’s this bar of 70% dark, stoneground, vegan chocolate from Zen Bunnihandcrafted from Biodynamic® and Regenerative ingredients.” Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea behind their company and their products but this specific flavor just didn’t do it for me. However, it was most definitely my husband’s jam. He tends to be more adventurous with food and flavor whereas I tend to be a bit more tepid. I would be really interested in trying some of their other products. However, double dud: this one small bar of chocolate (about the length of my pinky finger) is valued at $3.00 and are sold as packs of  3 for $9.00… I know, right?

Tea is everything. Tea is relaxing, it’s energizing, it’s healing… And it is seemingly infinite in it’s many vast combinations and effects. I am always up for a new tea but branching out and trying new ones often ranks as more of a luxury than a necessity while I’m out.  So it’s pretty awesome that I can count on Goddess Provisions to keep me stocked. This High Priestess tea blend is from Chilliwack, B.C. based New Moon Tea Co.  I haven’t tried it just yet but this tea “includes spearmint, raspberry leaf, lemon balm, hibiscus, and rosemary.” How freakin’ delicious, right? I will definitely be buying from them again.   30g Tea Sachet Retail: $11.49

I have not done my nails in so long! Like most things in life, I kind of go through phases with nails. These adorable (and witchy) astrological inspired Magic Nail Decals from Love by Luna are just the thing to drag me out of my rut. They basically work like temporary tattoos and I can’t wait to try them out! The LA based company prides themselves on having a strong focus when it comes to how and where they get their products. They strive to keep things locally sourced and all natural. And if you think these are cute, just wait until you check out the rest of their website! Mystical Nail Decals Retail: $8.00

And last but not least is this amazing mini Cosmic Calendar Spiral Spectrum designed by Julie Wilder specifically for Goddess Provisions. This awesome new calendar tracks the lunar cycles and eclipses AND explains what the various phases can mean (or best be utilized for). How cool is that?! Mini Cosmic Calendar designed by Julie Wilder available only by subscription through Goddess Provisions valued at $10.00

So there we have it, folks. The Solstice Priestess box truly lives up to its name. Everything is celestial and cool and will definitely be put to good use. I love that the products are helping me to slow down and focus on what’s important like trying new things and introspection. Plus the fun of receiving a new box every month still hasn’t worn off and it really makes my day (no matter how stressful or crazy it may have been). What’s even better is that it’s slowly becoming something my husband and I can both share and enjoy together. He loves unboxing them as much as I do and this time he even wanted to take turns pulling out the different items. It’s the little things in life, huh? Anyway, I’ve included a few pictures of the information sheet below if y’all are interested. Until next time, fam. Wishing you all good things, always. Xo


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