Happy Haulidays: Pt. 2 Denim, denim, denim Haul from Torrid

After this post, y’all can just call me blue jean baby for the rest of forever. Although, I’m not so sure about seamstress for the band. I’ll get back to you on that. Hello, Miles Tribe! And welcome back for part 2 of my hauliday series. This post is dedicated completely to Torrid and their revolutionary take on plus size jeans. I mean, hallelujah! I have finally found a denim that is designed to love and support my body for what it is instead of judge and punish it for what it’s not. Some people will never understand this struggle, but I have yet to find these people in real life. So, until that day…

Now y’all know me. I am a dress girl. I’m a skirt girl. Leggings sometimes, MAYBE. In fact, I can go six months to a year not wearing jeans without so much as a second thought. But that was before Torrid. Their jeggings were my gateway denim. Then I grabbed some flares and, well… you can see where this is headed, right? Like so many of you, I had some goals this holiday sale season. The most daunting of which was achieving a respectable amount of comfortable, flattering denim. And if the sales were REALLY good, I would branch out and get at least one pair of jeans that were outside of my comfort zone. First, fate laughed at this ridiculous notion… but then she smiled. Five pair(s), two coupons, and a (very generous) gift card later: denim mission accomplished, y’all!

Polka. Dots. Polka dots… I’m an adult woman with polka dot jeans. I’m fairly certain I had a strikingly similar pair of jeans when I was very much not an adult so I was definitely on the fence about this pair. When it comes to denim I really prefer a clean, crisp, dark look. Classic. Americana. Goes with everything. Boring to some, sure, but that’s just my thing. However, the more I thought about these three-button jeggings, the more I couldn’t stop thinking about them. They’d look super cute with a plain tee and white Keds or with a chambray top and some leather sandals. A statement jean like this is perfect for a denim-on-denim aesthetic because it’s unexpected so it doesn’t give off that super matchy-matchy vibe. If you aren’t familiar with Torrid’s jeggings, they have a comfortable give to them that won’t get tired and stretch out as the day wears on. I would definitely suggest their jeggings to anyone who was on the fence about their denim. In fact, I owe my love of them to the sweet girls who suggested them to me when we met in line at a local store opening– a year later and I couldn’t be happier.             Retail: $48.98… Sale: $24.49

Not to play favorites, but flare jeans are life. No, really. Bellbottoms, or flares, are incredible. I have always loved this 70’s trend but I believed for years that they wouldn’t look right on my short-legged, thick BLT frame. Oh. My. Lanta. How wrong I’ve been. I already own two pairs of Torrid flares and I’m determined to snag whatever else they’re willing to release in this killer silhouette. The three button fly comes up nice and high (which is comfortable for my proportions). This particular pair is a cool faded black wash which has this almost grunge-rock vibe to it. Again, another great piece to pair with chambray. Or a band tee. Or a plaid button-up. Just about anything, really.                     Retail: $64.90… Sale: $38.94

Embroidery + denim can go one of two ways: (1) soooo right or (2) soooo wrong. The next item in this haul is a pair of girlfriend style light wash denim jeans with embroidery. The dainty words of encouragement are cute without being too juvenile or cheesy and the embroidery is on trend without being obnoxiously specific and one-dimensional. Basically, these are sweet and classically unique. I don’t typically lean toward lighter washes when it comes to denim but these are more of a worn blue with fading, though they’re pulling much lighter on camera. Planning ahead for the spring, these will go great with flowy, cotton tops and some espadrilles or wedges. Retail: $51.98… Sale: $25.99

This next pair may be my favorite so far from the entire haul. I have two words for you: step hem. I’ve seen this done by several different companies in several different ways so far but I think this pair is a great start if you’re not looking for a commitment. So a step hem is basically a style of cutting or distressing the hem of a pant in an asymmetrical line creating a “step” type notching effect in the fabric. I like that this pair is long enough on me that if I didn’t enjoy the step hem I could easily modify it, no problem. Even without the fun hem, I love the denim itself. I love the faded indigo wash that has defined contrast down the leg and I love that the material is a bit thicker and more substantial than my beloved jeggings. This comfy girlfriend style jean also comes up nice and high to rest closer to my natural waist because ain’t nobody got time for low-rise jeans (at least not this girl). These are great “staying in” jeans. These are great “going out” jeans. They’re just great jeans, y’all. They’d pair effortlessly with a slinky cami, blazer and heels, or with a chunky knit sweater and some embellished loafers, sneakers, or topsiders. You really can’t go wrong either way.  Retail: $50.98… Sale: $25.49

Fam, I’m breaking all the rules with this haul. I feel like this post has me saying “I don’t do this, but… I just did this” in every other sentence. “Broken record, Chris–they get it!” But seriously, I don’t normally buy distressed clothing. As a rule of thumb I take issue with paying less for more. It just bothers me on a personal level having grown up with so little and being taught to take care of what I had– it feels counterintuitive in a sense. Anyway, that being said I do love the way clothes feel when they’re already broken in like this pair of dark wash premium vintage boyfriend jeans with distressing and inset bandana patches. Longest name ever, but it’s 100% accurate. Again we have a heavier denim that still has a good amount of stretch. Being a boyfriend fit jean, it is a little lower rise but not so much so that it’s uncomfortable or will have me paranoid and fidgeting the whole time. BUT, and this is a big but, all of the holes in these jeans are sewn up or patched so I won’t be ditching these in six months when the knees have blown out from me catching my feet trying to pull them on. Y’all know what I’m talking about. Plus, they’re the perfect length to either cuff or let loose. These go with just about everything. Tees, tanks, sweaters, tunics, etc. I have the perfect custom jacket in mind to wear with these, actually, but more on that later… Retail: $58.98… Sale: $29.49

Y’all knew I didn’t only get one pair of flares, right? I mean… I did warn you. I feel like since we started with a bolder denim we should end on a more classic note with these vintage dark wash flared jeans. This pair will be super easy to dress up or down and will be a staple with anything and everything in my closet. Underneath dresses or tunics for a sweet hippie/bohemian look. With off the shoulder sweaters for a great holiday get-together. Or in the summer time with a breezy white cotton top and sandals.  Retail: $64.90… Sale: $38.94

Holy cow, Miles tribe… I have gone from the girl who doesn’t own jeans to the girl who owns too many jeans. Or have I? Is there such a thing? Having grown up plus-sized, clothing has been a struggle and jeans (no matter my size) have never left me feeling particularly great about myself. But that was then. Thanks to brands like Torrid I have an entire wardrobe filled to bursting with clothes that are made to love and celebrate my body. I hope that each of you find something that helps you make peace with yourself this year and all the years to come. Because you only get one body to love and one trip to figure it all out. If you loved this denim haulidays post be sure to comment below or send me a message. I LOVE reading all of your kind words so don’t be shy. Have suggestions for what you’d like to see next? Let me know! And be sure you’re following along on Instagram @milestogoxo to see how I style all of these haul items! Until then, I’ll be wishing you all good things. Always. XO



3 thoughts on “Happy Haulidays: Pt. 2 Denim, denim, denim Haul from Torrid

    • Girl, get on it!!! I was feeling a little adventurous when I when denim diving and I definitely don’t regret it lol. So far I’ve worn the step hem pair 3-4x, the embroidered pair, and the patched pair 2-3x. They’re all different and I love them so, so much.


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