Happy Haulidays! Pt. 1 Boohoo

Once upon a time, there lived this magical window of opportunity where seemingly overnight all of the stores mark down their products and offer to ship them to your home for free. We call this time the trifecta of “hauliday” goodness: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday…

Hello fam! And welcome back. If you’re new here, my name is Chris Miles and I am a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blogger. This post in particular is one of a series of holiday hauls I like to call haulidays. During these sales I got some really great deals & they’re finally here!

First up: This awesome lightweight frill-sleeved jacket in an olive green plaid modeled most excellently by Eleven, the cat (a.k.a. Elle, Ellie girl, & Madame Curie– short for Curiosity, obvs). For feline reasons, she is prominently featured throughout this post. I’ve learned to just go with it. Anyway, this will go great with:

  • a beret
  • a scarf
  • a plain white tee, maroon turtleneck, or sequin tank top
  • leggings/jeans tucked into some boots/booties or with some embellished loafers.

Classic, lowkey winter vibes. This jacket makes me feel like diva queen Cameron Diaz in The Holiday. Watch out, Mr. Jude Law [insert cheeky eyebrow-wagging emoji HERE].    Retail: $34.00… Sale Price: $12.80


What kind of hauliday season would it be without at least one new pair of pajamas? I have to say, these ones are “cute af.” Hardy har. I got these a little oversized because I really prefer pajamas to be super comfy. This is a jersey knit crop top with (on me at least) high-waisted shorts. They are a set, despite the discoloration in the photo *pardon the poor lighting.* Retail:  $25.00 … Sale Price: $9.20

‘Tis the season to stock up on basics like this jersey, nautical striped dress. I love snagging basic staple pieces like this on sale or clearance during the holidays. While everyone is busy wrestling one another for themed pieces you can only wear once a year, I’m over here stocking up on things I can wear year ’round. The only downside to this dress is that the backing is white so when the jersey material stretches even just the tiniest bit, the item thins out considerably and the white shows through. Super disappointing but you really get what you pay for sometimes and for a bargain price, there’s a certain amount of risk involved. I can’t wait to throw on a chunky knit beanie, plaid puffy vest, some tights or skinny jeans and some cozy boots.  Retail: $29.00… Sale Price: $11.20

In this particular haul I told myself that if the prices were really good, I mean REALLY good, then I would try stepping outside my comfort zone a bit. So this off-shoulder boho dress is a bit of a personal experiment. It’s my style, but not really my style. The structure is something I would wear but the print is a bit bolder than I normally go. I’m still not sure if I like it, however the material on this dress is some sort of super light rayon, silky-feeling type thing that is going to be amazing here in the southern heat. I’d probably pair this with some dark tights, booties, maybe a vest and a floppy hat. Or I’d throw it on over a pair of flares or skinny jeans with my suede fringe booties. Make sure you’re following on Instagram @milestogoxo to see what it’ll be…  Retail: $20.00… Sale Price: $8.00

So while I was out taking style risks, I decided what the hell… go big or go home. So naturally I landed somewhere in the middle. Introvert problems, ya know? Graphics, t-shirt dresses, and cold-shoulders are all super on trend right now. I grabbed this cute black tee dress figuring worst case scenario, I can just wear it as pj’s. As it stands, it isn’t exactly body-con but it’s definitely not flowy or A-line either. It’s more of a shift style, just straight up and down. I’d wear this with opaque tights and some studded booties or some thigh-high boots. For a real femme fatale vibe, and to create some definition, I’d throw on a distressed denim jacket an a slouchy beanie.  Retail: $25.00… Sale Price: $9.20

So while we’re out here in left field, oh look! A peasant dress! Because who doesn’t need a maxi length peasant dress? They’re great in the summer time with some embellished sandals, a cool hippie fringe or crochet vest, a bolo tie or long leatherette tie necklace and an awesome sun hat. Also, we love to go to the Renaissance festivals when we can get away but it never fails that the weather is always blisteringly hot. So BONUS coming across this super light, woven dress. Not only is it much lighter than the more historically accurate versions, but it was also much cheaper since I found it on such a great sale. Retail: $29.00… Sale Price: $11.20


Aaaand we’re back to basics with this thin, waffle knit, black sweater… or are we? Wait… wha… oh my. Well hellooo there extreme side slit. Nice to see you, you saucy minx! It’s the subtle details like that make your average basic not so basic. As a plus size woman, a typical sweater that goes straight down over my hips is not the most flattering or comfortable to wear. However, cut the sides up to HERE and it’s a total game-changer. My hourglass and pear-shaped babes, y’all know what I’m talkin’ about. This sweater can now skim easily over a lacy bralette with some jeans and booties. I’d layer on some cool accessories like some chunky turquoise or several dainty gold chains. Or I’d throw this on over a cami dress with some knee high socks or tights and boots. Actually, as I’m typing this I’m realizing that I probably should have purchased this in more colors… Retail: $34.00 … Sale Price: $12.80

Speaking of which… remember when I said that I use these sale times to really get in good on my every day items? Yeahhh… I’m almost embarrassed to share these next three pieces. Because really, it’s one piece… in three different colors. That’s right, mom. You were right–don’t fall over. I found this collarless, flounce-sleeved, open, peplum blazer in black, navy, and crisp white. Because it’s incredibly thin and stretchy and flattering. AND affordable. These will go great with, really, just about anything. Jeans. Slacks. Dresses. The sky’s the limit. Retail: $25.00 … Sale Price: $10.00 (x 3)

As always, I’ve saved the best for last. I spent the entire haul talking about basic this, staple that. But THIS is my kitschy, season-specific purchase for this haul. And it is EPIC. Mic drop. Miles out. And every other lame way you can think of to say I FREAKING LOVE THIS SWEATER—IT IS EVERYTHING– OHMYGOODNESS! Too much? Psh. No such thing. This Harry Potter-Home Alone mashup sweater is so awesome I purchased one for myself and one for my really good friend. Downsides: it’s definitely an itchy sweater AND it runs small. Now, I read reviews so I knew this ahead of time. In anticipation of potential sizing issues, I ordered a size LG/14 and a size 2X/20, just to be safe. These two sweaters are literally the same size IRL. And that size is roughly larger than my very tiny cat (no really–as a runt, she is actually below average cat size)… So thanks, Elle. Consider this fair warning, peeps. SIZE WAY UP!   Retail: $25.00… Sale Price: $10.00 

Overall, part one of haulidays is complete and I have to say it was a success, Miles tribe. Blazers. Sweaters. Dresses. Jammies. And not to brag or anything, but I didn’t spend more than $12.80 on any one item. Solid seasonal opener from Boohoo. I can’t wait to pair some of these items with my new Torrid Jeans COMING SOON in the next haulidays “denim, denim, denim” post. Stay tuned, fam. You know the drill. Like. Comment. Follow. Wishing you all good things, always. Xo


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