Goddess Provisions: November “Aura” Box!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m struggling to find a clever opening for this post. Not because it’s terribly intimidating. I guess it could be because it’s a bit of a departure from the makeup and the clothes and the “known”… it’s more personal. More… outside the box? Pardon the pun. I’m sure you’ve all seen the various mail order subscription services that have been trending over the last couple years. Lord knows I’ve been tempted by several of them but for whatever reason I’ve held off. Until now. The thing that got me about this particular service is that it’s full of things I’m genuinely interested in but wouldn’t ordinarily purchase for myself. And to me, that’s kind of the point. At least for now.

So for all of my holistic babes out there who are a little off the beaten path, the starry-eyed ones who value the power of a centered self, this one’s for you. I found Goddess Provisions on Instagram, a company that offers “monthly box [subscriptions] with crystals, aromatherapy, superfoods, beauty & spiritual tools.” Their plans range from $33/month all the way to $333.00/12 months (a savings of $63.00). They’re all about empowerment and self-care, not necessarily as a selfish act but as a way of connecting deeper with your own life and your surroundings. It promotes health and spirituality. For me, it’s about taking the time to slow down and focus, to be present in the moments that make up my life instead of just rushing through one to get to the next.

“We created Goddess Provisions as a way to share the tools we’ve found to help us connect with our divine feminine and grow our spiritual practice… We’re “busy” just like everyone else on this beautiful planet but we take the time to manifest journal, meditate, frolic around in nature, pet kittens, practice yoga, have reiki healing sessions, do tarot card readings, drink green juice, write out the things we’re grateful for, check the astrology forecast and charge our crystals under the full moon. If you enjoy these simple pleasures too, you’re going to feel like our monthly box was curated for you by a true soul sister.

Box Highlights

  • 4-6 full size products per box
  • Great value, typically $60-$90 of goddess goodies
  • Free shipping to the U.S.
  • Ships Worldwide
  • $33 per month or as low as $27.75 with 12 month prepay
  • Always cruelty-free & vegan”

How could you not be interested in trying something like that? It’s fun and beautiful and maybe a little uncomfortable or silly but at the heart of it, even the most tight-laced, practical person can find solace in a hot cup of tea or a minute or two of just quiet reflection. Most of us are simply too afraid to branch out and try new things, so this monthly subscription is like a personal rebellion against the mundane practicality of my own circumstances. A pleasant little “screw you!” to bland reality. And I quite like that…

So I got my first box the other day (Happy Birthday to me) and I couldn’t be more pleased with the contents. First, I just have to say that the packaging is awesome. It reminds me of something out of the House Of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast (shout out to my fellow nerd herd members!).


The first item is this beautifully etched, selenite crystal heart from Fractalista Designs valued at $15.00. Selenite “has become an essential tool for energy workers because of its powerful neutralizing and purifying energy. It is useful to hold this stone over the heart or the third eye in times of anxiety, stress, or depression. It absorbs excess emotions and breaks up energetic blocks in both the physical and ethereal body.” Stress. Anxiety. Depression. We all have stressors and hardships in our lives. Mentality can be half the battle. It couldn’t hurt to practice this small exercise of refocusing and relinquishing excess emotions and/or toxicity. I like the portability that this small stone affords as well; it really can be used anytime, anywhere. I don’t know enough about crystals or their properties/pseudoscientific uses but it’s a field that I’m interested in learning more about. I’ve found them beautiful and fascinating ever since I was a kid kicking around with my rock collection and I tend to be drawn toward a more natural aesthetic when it comes to jewelry and gemstones. So who knows? Maybe it’s time to just go with it.


TEA!!!! I love tea. I love my coffee, too. But I REALLY love tea. Something about the practice of making it… boiling the water in my kettle, sifting out and binding loose leaves, waiting for it to steep and breathing in the steam. It’s incredibly relaxing. I use tea as a natural remedy for all sorts of things ranging from immune support to nausea relief. This detox tea from Essential Rose Life made with ginger root, dandelion root, tulsi, and lemongrass is a blend so close to home it’s like they made it with me in mind. Granted, the likelihood of this is slim, but it doesn’t make me love them any less. I always keep ginger on hand to help with motion sickness and/or general stomach health so I’m pleasantly surprised and so grateful that it’s included in this box. What’s more, I can reuse or repurpose the container later which is something I look for in my products. This tin retails for $8 while the larger, white canister retails for approximately $15.00.


This next product is an aura mist for “purification and protection” crafted by a company called Kate’s Magik and retails for $14.95. This lavender and sandalwood aromatherapy misting spray is both soothing and energizing. I love not only the smell of sandalwood but the fact that it’s basically a naturally occurring superhero. “The health benefits of sandalwood essential oil can be attributed to its properties as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic, antispasmodic, astringent, cicatrisant, carminative, diuretic, disinfectant, emollient, expectorant, hypotensive, memory booster, sedative, and a tonic substance.” Lavender on the other hand, while still amazing, can be really overwhelming for me so I prefer it as more of a supporting cast member than the shining star. This is the perfect blend of spicy sweet and I LOVE it. I’ve been spritzing it on my pillow and sheets before bed and it helps relax me and put me in the right mindset for sleep.


So strange as it may seem, I actually have a thing for soap. Yep, that’s right. Some folks buy a little bookshelf tchotchke or a pick up a pair of socks or something whenever they’re out. I grab soap. Preferably unique, good-smelling, natural soaps. I have a beautiful crystal bowl in our bathroom filled with various bars that I’ve found at festivals or local shops; several have even been gifted to us by those who know me best (my latest acquisition came all the way from Ireland via one of our dearest friends). This particular one is a purifying detox facial bar with charcoal and volcanic ash that retails for $7.99 from the Seaweed Bath Co. My husband was drawn to it immediately (he shares my affinity for soap, go figure) so needless to say we can’t wait to try it out.


This is probably one of my favorite things from this box. Hell, they’re all my favorite things but that’s what makes this box such a homerun for this introvert. This here is 8.5mls of the Munde vibrational fragrance essential oil (a blend of bergamot, carrot seed, cedarwood, saro, and lemongrass). This retails for $16.00 from Pax Apothecary and comes in a convenient rollerball bottle which I can easily toss in my purse or keep on my nightstand. If you’re familiar with some of my other posts, you know that the struggle is real for me when it comes to headaches and allergies/pressure sensitivity so I sometimes rely on essential oils to help get me through the day. I like that they’re not an overpowering amount of fragrance. Often times I prefer the clean subtlety of essential oils to perfume or body sprays which can be too heavy or suffocating.



This last item is probably the most unique thing in the box, but that’s just one blogger’s humble opinion. It is a dual-headed jade facial roller and I am entirely unfamiliar with it. So… there was bound to be a hiccup somewhere, right? It’s a little thing really, but this tool came in an unmarked, vague, black box with no retailer information. As I was trying to cure my ignorance it was a little frustrating that I couldn’t look up the company this was from for a quick run down and/or how-to. But Goddess Provisions claims this product is a $25.00 value and they’ve typed up a very helpful blog post of their own that explains the uses and benefits of the jade facial roller… still no specific retailer information, though. One of the photos they have on their post, however, is for Jade Roller Beauty and their rollers retail between $34.95 and $39.95. While researching further online (yes, I’m THAT kid) I did find some that were available from larger chain stores ranging from $8.99 at Walmart to $76.00 for a roller product set from Nordstrom.

Metaphysically, jade is known as a protective stone that can help heal and purify your aura, boost self-confidence and support the energetic flow of your body’s detoxing systems including the kidneys, spleen and adrenal glands. Jade’s non-porous nature makes it hygienic and perfect to use on your face while jade facial rolling works wonders in giving you that radiant glow. The many benefits include:


  • Increasing circulation in your skin
  • Relaxing clenched facial muscles
  • Reducing fine lines, dark circles and puffiness
  • Stimulating collagen and improving elasticity
  • Promoting lymphatic drainage and flushing toxins from your body”



And at the very bottom of the box, underneath all of my presents was a complete list of what they are, what they’re designed to do, how much they cost on their own, and who I can contact when I’m ready to restock. Kind of perfect, no?


And here we are, my dears. There are so many great reasons to subscribe to a monthly service. Each box is like a great little gift. You get great value for your money and exposure to items and brands you may not have met otherwise. You don’t have to worry about going out to purchase new products to try because they come straight to your door, all the hard work having been done for you. It’s a fun adventure. I mean really, I could go on… If you, like me, are just waiting for the right box to strike a chord with your inner goddess, then this box may be right for you. So fam, if you have a monthly subscription that you’re in love with and would like to share, let me know in the comments below. I am over the moon with this subscription service so far and am definitely down to try some others! Liked this unboxing and want to see some others? Be sure to like this post and join the Miles Tribe by clicking “follow” so you don’t miss out on the next one! And keep an eye out for daily shenanigans on Instagram @milestogoxo. Thanks for taking this journey with me, fam. I know it was different but I hope you got just as much out of it as I did. Wishing you all good things. Now and always. Xo



4 thoughts on “Goddess Provisions: November “Aura” Box!

  1. I’m glad the box was a success! The Jade roller sounds really interesting to me. You will have to let us know how you like it and if you felt that it truly relaxed your face. Lol all that work trying to figure out what it was and the list was at the bottom of the box, go figure. The etched heart is really beautiful, and even if it doesn’t work for its intended purpose, it could easily be a little trinket to display. I really love the idea of these subscriptions. You’re able to try things out for a bit and if it doesn’t suit you then you can cancel it and try something else. I’m getting my first StitchFix box next month, so I’m looking forward to that.

    Ps. The girl who gave you the Irish soap sounds lovely 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m planning to try a clothing subscription service in the new year and I will let you know how that goes. New things can be fun, but scary! And I agree with Roxie, the girl who gave you the Irish soap sounds lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

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