Torrid: SUPER SALE Haul

I. Love. Clearance. There, I said it. I love clearance. I love BOGO sales. I LOVE getting more for my money and the strange thrill of incredible savings. It’s like a personal challenge. So when Torrid decides, every so often, to merge two of my favorite things into one, neat, money-saving package, what’s a girl to do? The sale made me do it…

Item #1 on my list: Navy Microfiber Tights. I am a dress/skirt girl all day long. I love them. They’re infinitely more comfortable (and breathable) than almost any pair of pants or leggings out there. Tights are like a failsafe. They keep things comfortable on a multitude of levels from providing mild warmth to lending flexible coverage and acting as built in socks–all without being pants. Boom. You’re welcome. I’ve learned over the years that sizing up in tights ensures more comfort and longevity (so long as they’re not the weird kind that end up being wider but not longer as you size up… those are a no-go for me). I try to stock up on them whenever there’s a sale so I picked up a couple of these amazing tights for $20.90/each. No, these were not part of the sale BUT I had a $10 reward to apply AND as a Torrid Insider I get free shipping. So… I decided that it still counts.

img_0637-1Item #2: Novelty Sweatshirt. I’m a Disney fan, but when it comes to novelty clothing items I prefer things that are a bit more subtle (think more along the lines of key phrases from shows, songs, etc. less cartoonish imagery). So I’m not really a fan of the embroidered silhouette on the front breast of this crewneck sweatshirt but the ruffle detail on the shoulder paired with the beautiful script on the back makes it more of an adorable fairytale piece, less of an I-stole-this-from-the-kids-section piece. But hey, if it’s something I’m into, I’m not above it either way. I do prefer to size up in sweatshirts because as a rule of thumb (at least in my world) they’re supposed to be oversized and comfy anyway. I snagged this super soft Snow White themed crewneck in blush as part of the BOGO 50% regular priced items sale running at the same time as the BOGO Free Clearance Event (I got a lesser item for 50% off and I had a $20 gift card that I used with this entire purchase in conjunction with my free shipping). Original price was $48.90 but when all was said and done I paid $28.90 and saved 50% off another full priced item.

Item #3: Lace Racerback Bralette. This item was my BOGO 50% Off regular price. Original price was $28.90 and I paid $14.45. Now online this looked more like a nude-colored pink and less like a true pink so that is a little disappointing but it’s super comfortable and bralettes are life. You will not sway me from this fact. Sorry not sorry.

Items #4 and #5: HOW CUTE ARE THESE PINS?! They remind me of the sort of cheeky accessories you’d see on the runaway at NYFW. That or something you’d see Blair Waldorf or Jenny Humphrey wearing on Gossip Girl (Jenny wearing it ironically, of course). Military-inspired fit for the Queen of England baubles that elevate an outfit in a brave way. I would pin these on a jean jacket breast pocket or even on a cardigan for a bit of pomp and circumstance, if you catch my drift. They were originally $10.90 each so I’m glad I caught them on clearance (BOGO 70% off accessories) otherwise I wouldn’t have bought them, opting instead to recreate or dup them at home (<– if y’all are interested I’m happy to make a DIY post on this, just let me know in the comments below).

Items #6 & #7: Swan Print Twist Front Bikini Top & Ruched High Waisted Bottoms. Both of these pieces are sold as separates and I have been eyeballing them since last summer. To me, they have a serious Taylor Swift Red kind of vibe. But when I picture it, I don’t see them so much together as separate… For example, I would pair the bottoms with a super cute red top for more of a vintage vibe that’s a bit less matchy-matchy. I love Torrid’s bikinis because the bottoms tend to be high waisted while the tops are longer waisted so I get great coverage without sacrificing quality or comfort. I don’t have to worry about any sort of malfunctions when I’m wearing their swimsuits which is awesome because “ain’t nobody got time for that!” This top retails at $68.90 while the bottoms go for $44.90. They were both already on clearance for $19.99 and it was BOGO Free on top of that so this total set cost me $20 down from $113.80. Yeah… I think it’s safe to say that my patience was rewarded with this purchase.

Items #8 and #9: Black Genuine Suede Lace Up Knee-High Boots. These last two items are actually duplicates meaning I bought two of the same thing because the savings were just that impressive. Actually, these are the second and third pair of these boots that I now own. The pair I already have are brown suede which you can see featured in my DIY zipper rescue post here. “But Chris, do you really need three sets of the same boots?” Um… yes. Because they come in two different colors and they were sold out of the brown ones otherwise I would now own four pair. THAT is how good these boots are. They lace completely up the front and have an inside zipper so that I really only have to lace them once. They’re sturdy and genuine leather so they’re long-lasting and they are incredibly chic while being super down to earth. They break in easily and I wear them nearly every day as you can see clearly on my Instagram @milestogoxo. So now for the good part. These boots retail for $125.90. They were on clearance for $34.13 when I found them AND they were BOGO free. I paid $34 for boots that would have otherwise cost me $251.80. I can’t make something like this up.

#10: Ikat Print Wrap Challis Maxi Skirt. So I actually purchased these next few items before the BOGO free clearance sale event BUT I still got a really good deal on them so I was just waiting to be able to include them in a haul. This maxi skirt has a faux wrap front flap that ties on the opposite side (which is thankfully sewn down so no Marilyn moments here, thank you!). It’s lightweight and super comfy, as you can see below in this styled photo from our trip into the city on a blistering, humid Saturday. I don’t have anything like this in my closet so it’s been an easy thing to work in and the lightweight material, when paired with this interesting print, will be great year ’round. This skirt was originally $52.98 but I got it on sale for only $29.39.


and lastly #11 and #12: Three Button Flare Jeans. I got these in both a light wash pictured below and plain black (which actually wound up looking more like slacks than jeans). I love that the denim is a true blue color reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s. These jeans are incredibly comfortable and forgiving and they come up nice and high. They are longer so I do wear them with booties or wedges but this is fine because I’m all of 5’6″ on a good hair day so I lean toward a bit of a heel anyway. Because I do tend to carry more of my weight in my hips and thighs, jeans have always been a particular kind of hell for me as a plus size woman. What flares do for me that other jeans don’t, is help to elongate my legs and overall frame making me a bit more confident knowing that I’ve been transformed into Heidi Klum… practically. Full price on these flares is $59.98 (the black pair are $64.90) but I got them on sale for roughly $40 each. Still pretty expensive in my book but one of the things I’ve learned from shopping at Torrid is that they take extra care with their quality. So I’m not buying $20 throw away jeans that are going to rip or wear out in a few months. I’m investing in staple pieces that will last and have already earned their keep after 4 wears.


Another haul has come and gone and I seriously scored some amazing items. I have jeans (which I really NEVER buy), boots galore, a skirt, a ruffled sweatshirt that is very on trend right now, unique pins, staple tights, a bikini for next summer, and a bralette that my wardrobe was otherwise lacking. And while I spent a fair amount of money, I saved hundreds. Literally. I use sales, y’all. And I earn rewards when I shop. And I use Ebates to earn even more money when I shop online. I use coupons and Haute Cash and every little trick I can get my money-saving hands on. Because I don’t believe in going broke just to afford the latest fashions. I DO believe in getting great quality for great prices and smart shopping helps me with that. I’m not the best at it, but I’m clearly not the worst either. So I hope you enjoyed this post. I know it’s a hodgepodge of things but sales can be like that sometimes. Life can be like that sometimes. If you want to check out any of the items, I’ve linked them for you above and several of them are still on sale so snag them while you can. Leave love below or send me a message on what you’d like to see next. For more outfit inspiration make sure you’re part of the #milestogotribe on Instagram by following @milestogoxo so you can see how I style these pieces IRL. I’ll see you there, fam! Wishing you all good things, always. XO







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