Targét: Post Halloween Essentials

Hello Miles Tribe! I hope y’all had a fun and safe Halloween. I still feel like October came and went too quickly and I never did catch up to it. No really. I have pumpkins on my porch right now that aren’t even carved yet. And I bought them the day before Halloween. Yeah. I KNOW. But life is messy and hectic and over the years we’ve gotten better at just rolling with it. So we’ll carve our pumpkins this weekend and make some delicious seeds (I’ll post a recipe if y’all are interested) and keep on creepin’ on.

And as we keep moving forward there are a few things that your girl needed to pick up from–yep, you guessed it– le Targét. I was able to limp along through Halloween with some of the more basic products that I had been using but now that it’s over, it’s time to restock. However, I wanted to switch things up a bit so this isn’t our typical Target run, y’all. Are you ready?

If any of y’all have used this face mask PLEASE let me know how you liked it! I saw so many reviews on how this product is a great drugstore dupe for a higher end product sold at Sephora and you know how mama likes a good deal. After all the sugar and the extra makeup this Halloween season (and lack of sleep), my skin desperately needs some detox and moisture so I grabbed this L’Oréal Pure-Clay Mask for only $10.00. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Next up, I am completely out of dry shampoo. As you may know if you follow me on Instagram @milestogoxo I’ve been using clip in hair extensions so having good supporting hair products is more important than ever. And lately my regular products just aren’t having the same effect. So I’m switching it up a bit by splurging on this Toni&Guy Texture Dry Shampoo for $14. I’ve never used it before but I’ve heard good things about this line, the product itself smells amazing, and I’m excited to try it out!

Am I the last person to start using this concealer? Anybody? I’ve heard great things about it and some of the beauty gurus and bloggers that I follow use this regularly with awesome results. I’m not sure about skin rejuvenation or any Benjamin Button age rewind effects but from what I’ve seen, it certainly brightens under eye dark circles and helps conceal like a champ, so I’ll give it a go. I grabbed this in the shade “Fair” for $7.

With the holiday season upon us there are so many events coming up. For those of us born in November it is officially birthday month. Then there’s American Thanksgiving and all of the family dinners and gatherings. One of the easiest ways to elevate your look without caking on a bunch of product is by creating a really dramatic eye with these wispy eyelashes by Ardell. This multipack retails for $11 and comes with four sets (*glue sold separately) of long, ethereal lashes that add just a touch of mystery. They’re great for daily use or to pop on for a night out or family get together. We have a wedding to go to this weekend so I needed to pick up some more of these go-to lashes.

I am not embarrassed to admit that I am one of those people who troll the Halloween clearance section on November 1st once it’s all marked down. Um, hello? How else are you gonna get a great deal on all of the good stuff everyone else missed out on? Like this really cool mirrored lantern that I found. Originally it was $8 and I only paid $2.40 for it.

You know what goes great inside discounted Halloween lanterns? Discounted Halloween candles, of course! I grabbed these two small pillars for $1.50 each. What’s even better is they have a cool scaly pattern which makes them a bit more edgy and unsuspecting.

And while I was trolling the clearance Halloween section, I happened upon this LuMee Bluetooth capable selfie stick that someone abandoned on the shelf. Yes, I said selfie stick. For those of you still turning your noses up at these goofy-looking devices, let me tell you, they are incredibly useful and convenient and I hope it’s not a fear of looking silly that’s holding you back from making your life easier. Sorry, but it’s true. I recently upgraded to a new phone and my last selfie stick (which didn’t really work, to be honest) isn’t compatible with it. So the fact that this one is Bluetooth capable and doesn’t have to plug into my device is a million times easier. Plus the rose gold matches. This originally cost nearly $40 and I got it for only $12.

While I was at Target shopping, my husband let me know he was having a bit of a rough day. The most immediate cure for this, if you didn’t know, is half price Halloween candy. Some peppermint patties and pumpkin Reese’s marked down to $1.50/bag set him right, no problem.

So there you have it, fam. A post Halloween Target haul of random goodness. I have some great new-to-me products to try out and review for y’all. If you’ve tried them yourself or have suggestions of things you’d like to see me try, let me know in the comments below! Make sure you’re also following along on Instagram @milestogoxo so that you don’t miss out in important updates and exclusive content. Wishing you all only good things, Miles Tribe. Xo


2 thoughts on “Targét: Post Halloween Essentials

  1. How did the new dry shampoo work for you?

    I just love the volume and length lashes add to simple looks to make them pop! I just for the life of me cant get them to stay or line them up right. Any pointers There? ♡

    Liked by 1 person

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