Guest of Honor: How to Dress as a Wedding Guest

Good morning Miles Tribe! Or good-whatever-it-is-when-you’re-reading-this! Today is a big day in the Miles household because today we are going to a wedding. Yep! We get to celebrate two amazing people as they launch themselves into their next phase in life and I couldn’t be more excited! Or more low-key stressed. Y’all, What do I wear?!

Now I’ve been through this before when one of our friends got married a few years ago and they told us that wedding attire was to be formal. I panicked and ran out to buy a dress only to find I was OVERdressed for the occasion. Being myself, I didn’t really mind because the gown was gorgeous and I had fun dressing up. But I’m also a planner and so not knowing what I’m walking into is extraordinarily stressful for me.

So to avoid another mishap, I’ve carefully combed through my closet and pulled out several different dress options for different levels of formality and/or style.


Formal: Formal typically means floor length dresses/gowns. Think top tier, fam. You can go with something bright for a summer or spring wedding like this embellished coral dress (*its pulling VERY red on camera)…

… or maybe something a bit more modern and aloof like a slinky slip dress with strappy detail for a winter or city wedding (sans wrinkles, obvs).

Semi-Formal: A step down from formal, semi-formal allows you to get away with knee-length dresses. This black velvet, plunge-neck dress is perfect for a very sophisticated look (*add a fun belt to accentuate your waist and set the tone)…

…while this navy checkered chiffon dress is a bit more playful and youthful.

All White Affair: I have yet to go to an all white or black and white wedding but I want to SO badly. And when I do, I know exactly what I’ll be wearing. I typically try to avoid wearing white to another bride’s wedding because of superstition and really, who wants to be that kid pulling attention from the bride? NOT ME! But at a semi-formal all white affair this flowy, lace and chiffon dreamboat of a dress can definitely be found in my starting lineup.

Casual/Sunday Best: Most weddings I’ve been to, while the bridal party are formal, tend to be a bit more casual for the guests. I appreciate this because at the end of the day this bride and groom really just want the guests to be able to enjoy the day with them. For these low-key ceremonies I would just throw on an easy dress that I’ll be comfortable dancing in (and probably sweating in because we’re in the south, folks) like this muted paisley print dress with crochet detail.

Really what’s important about finding the right guest attire is finding what you’re comfortable in, regardless of the rules. Okay, so sweatpants are a no-no, but come on. If you’re willing to look and maybe get a bit creative you can find the perfect outfit for any event. A few tried and true tips:

  • Match the color scheme. Find out what their wedding colors are and try to find something complimentary without being too matchy-matchy.
  • Plan for mishaps. Pack an extra pair of shoes, an extra bra strap, bobby pins, or whatever you may need. It is the WORST falling victim to a fashion disaster and having to leave an event or be embarrassed at one. PLAN AHEAD.
  • BRING THE INVITATION. Ever gotten lost on the way to a wedding? No? Just me I guess…
  • Don’t get crazy. There is a fine line, my friends, between being the life of the party and sucking the life out of the party. Let loose but all good things in moderation. Just trust me on this one, y’all. Put the microphone down. Step away from the spotlight. It’s not about you, today. You’ll thank me for this later, I promise.

Go forth, Miles Tribe, in your wedding guest best. Have yourself a damn good time on your walk down to Electric Avenue. And remember what you’re there for: to support and celebrate the love of two incredible souls who were lucky enough to find one another in this crazy messed up world. Be sure to comment below with your favorite wedding stories and “follow” along here and on Instagram @milestogoxo to see what outfit I went with! Wishing you all of the good things, babes. Xo


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