Heavy Metals: NYX In Your Element Metal Shadow Palette

Hellooo Miles Tribe! And welcome back for another makeup tutorial/product review type thing. I just have to say up front that this palette by NYX is amazing. It’s amazing. So that’s it, review over. KIDDING!

This palette has twelve unique shades in a metallic theme that I can really see myself using all year long. It has everything from icy, steel blue hues to deep, rich golds, greens, and burgundy plums. The palette itself comes complete with a mirror inside and HALLELUJAH because it is one of my biggest pet peeves when palettes, compacts, etc. leave me flying blind. I mean, life is hard enough. Just include the mirror, please and thank you.

So as you can see it comes with 12 shadows all highly pigmented and varied but not so much so that they can’t blend and build on each other. I really enjoy that this is more of a jewel-toned palette because it’s a little outside my comfort zone. I typically stick with mattes or neutrals with maybe a hint of metallic or sparkle. But it’s nice to have something like this in my arsenal now so I can shake things up.

I’ve gone ahead and swatched a few of my favorite shades to show what they look like on the skin. And I have to say, as much as I love NYX and this beautiful palette, the texture was a little surprising (not in a good way). It’s almost a creamy powder which sounds like a good thing, right? It feels good on the skin but it didn’t want to grab onto the brush bristles and wound up clumping together instead. This was actually a bit disappointing because I really rely on my brushes when I’m applying my make up.

Fam… how gorgeous is this metallic plum? ALL of the witchy vibes, am I right? It had hints of almost molten pink.

Now this champagne color is something I would use on a daily basis in my bland, neutral life. Boring, I know. But don’t count it out just because it’s not a crazy color like the rest of this palette. IMO every palette should have a color like this to be able to highlight or blend and really help ground or tone some of the brighter colors.

Okay. Where are all my hazel babes? Seriously, this color right here is the perfect mossy green with subtle gold undertones to really make our eyes POP. Crease color magic, for sure.

This, like the champagne color, is a great staple they snuck into this palette to help blend out the louder colors. Or it can make a bold coppery statement all on its own. It would look great smudged above some beautiful blue eyes.

The last I’ve I want to show y’all from this palette is this incredibly brilliant gold. I mean COME ON! It is so pigmented and rich. This is going to be a great summer color when my skin is a little more bronzed but it will also look perfect during the holidays as a touch of sparkle along my lash and crease lines.

Overall, this palette is beautiful and the colors are so versatile I won’t have any trouble fitting it into my daily routine or struggling to create a dramatic look for an event or a night out. And it’s the flexibility of a product that makes me want to buy it because it’s not just a one-time thing, it’s an investment. I’ve been able to use this palette multiple times so far and the colors are just as bold and striking at the end of a long day as they are in this case. So if you want to check out this NYX palette just click link at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check out the other palettes in this line as well. They have so much to offer!

And of course if you loved this quick peek, let me know. Have suggestions for looks you’d like to see styled from this palette (maybe a nice smoky eye or brilliant peacock vibes)? Don’t be shy! Join the Miles To Go tribe by clicking “Follow” so you don’t miss out on the next post. Until then, wishing you all good things, always. Xo



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