Halloween Makeup Tutorial Pt. 2

Trick or Treat! Hello and welcome back Miles Tribe for another ghoulish time. I can’t believe Halloween is in just three days! The time has gotten away from me so fast this year and there are just too many choices, I had a really hard time choosing what to dress up as… So instead, I chose several things. One of my favorite things to play with when it gets down to the wire at Halloween is makeup because it’s really one of the few times a year where I can really go all out and have fun with the products I may not normally gravitate toward. This year I planned two makeup looks utilizing glitter and my new NYX Cosmetics Metals palette to show that you don’t need to have an extravagant costume to turn out something truly amazing and memorable.

So fam… I thought I would try something a little different… let me know what you think?

So there we go! I hope y’all had as good of a time watching this video as I had putting it together. If you’d like to see more tutorial videos like this, let me know in the comments below and “follow” so you don’t miss out on the next one! As for my Halloween costume(s), if you thought this was fun, be sure to check in on Instagram @milestogoxo to see what I end up wearing! And of course, fam, I wish you all good things, always.


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