DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece 🎃 

Oh happy day! Pumpkins, y’all. Pumpkins EVERYWHERE! And if you’re like me you just can’t get enough of them. I love traditional carving pumpkins, Cinderella pumpkins, Fairytale pumpkins… There’s just something so fun and whimsical about them no matter how old I get. So when I saw a really cute pumpkin hack on Pinterest, I just had to try it. It’s a pretty quick one but if you’re looking for a way to brighten up your average pumpkin, you’ll love this easy centerpiece. 

Step 1: Pick your punkin’

Step 2: Carve out the top. The bigger the hole, the more you’ll have to fill with flowers to achieve a fuller look, so bear this in mind as you hack away.

Step 3: Pop the top!

Step 4: Spill your guts! My pumpkin was the perfect size to fit in my sink so I didn’t make a huge mess as I scooped out all the insides and soon-to-be delicious seeds.

Step 5: Now this is where I kinda winged it. Some reviews say to put a bowl or a plastic bag inside the pumpkin before filling it with water (for the  flowers). Since this is going to be an outside display, I opted to just fill the pumpkin as is. 

Step 6: Flower Power! Grab some flowers and cut them down to size. I went for more of a monochromatic look with these orange marigolds that my husband brought home. I like that they’re not a flat or one dimensional flower because they really add volume and texture.

Step 7: Make arrangements! Situate your flowers inside your pumpkin. If your flowers are larger like hydrangeas tend to be, you may need to expand the top just a bit to allow more room. 

Step 8: ENJOY! 

I told you it was easy! How cute would this be as a Thanksgiving or a fun fall get together? Definitely a memorable piece or hostess gift. So Go forth, my pumpkin lovers! Make the world beautiful with your DIY works of art and be sure to “like” and comment below with photos of your pumpkin projects. Don’t forget to “follow” so you stay in the loop with the Miles To Go fam and be sure to check out @milestogoxo on Instagram for daily updates. Wishing you all good things, always. Xo


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