Ulta Beauty Haul on a Budget!

IT’S HERE!!! Finally I have a great makeup haul to share with all my beauty babes. Y’all have been patiently waiting and I have to tell you, I think the payoff is pretty sick IMHO. So Miles Tribe fam, y’all know my love for NYX Cosmetics. Y’all KNOW. But your girl hates to pay full price. The answer? Clearance. Sales. BOGO 50%. Ulta had it all the other day and I was THAT kid. You know the one. Digging through each clearance bin to make sure I didn’t miss anything, checking stickers and prices with the associates… the kind of stuff I used to be embarrassed of. Well… I think it’s pretty safe to say those days of ducking are long gone. And it’s a good thing too because I scored some amazing stuff this time around!

Starting with Clearance:

Ulta Ultimate Brows dual sized pencil in “Golden Ash” Listed: $6.50… Paid: $0.97

Ulta Pressed Bronzer Listed: $10.00… Paid: $2.49

Ulta Color Pure Loose Powder Eye Shadow in “Milkyway” Listed: $10.00… Paid: $1.97 

NYX Color Mascara in “Perfect Pear” Listed: $6.99… Paid: $3.47 

And then there was a BOGO 50% sale on all NYX products… SCORE! Now those of you following along with the pricing, this is where it gets a bit weird. The BOGO 50% off took a bit off each regular-priced NYX item instead of every other item.

NYX Cosmic Metallic Lip in “Out of This World” Listed: $7.49… Paid: $5.68  

NYX Duo Chromatic Powder in “Snow Rose” Listed: $7.99… Paid: $7.15 

NYX Duo Chromatic Powder in “Lavender Steel” Listed $7.99… Paid: $6.05 

So I saved the best for last, fam. I always say I hate to pay full price but for what I’m about to show y’all, I was willing to do it. I saw it on the display counter and I was done. Cooked. Put a fork in me. And I don’t really get that way about makeup very often. Lipstick? Yes. But eye shadows? Never. Well, I guess I can’t say that anymore…

NYX In Your Element Shadow Palette in “Metal” Listed: $29.99… Paid: $26.83  

I had such a great time getting to look at all of the new product but really I was on a mission to find some good, cheap makeup that I could use for Halloween (and IRL) without spending a small fortune. I succeeded on all counts. And I’ve already gotten some really great use out of these products, as you’ll see in my upcoming Halloween makeup tutorials. Have some tips, tricks, or suggestions for my next haul?  Comment below or send me a message! Join the Miles To Go family if you haven’t already by clicking “Follow” so you get email notifications for new posts like the amazing Mermaid makeup tutorial I have for y’all using these new products. As always, I’m wishing you only good things, tribe. Xo


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