Mermaid Vibes: Halloween Makeup Tutorial!

Serious question, y’all: Can I just wear this every day? No? Welcome back to the madness, fam! For those of you who are new here, it’s been a minute since I introduced myself. Hi, I’m Chris Miles. Blogger extraordinaire and wannabe mermaid with sizable caffeine dependency issues. And it’s that time of year again where we get to be a bit extra and over the top because it’s suddenly more socially acceptable now that it’s HALLOWEEN! Okay, almost Halloween. Same thing.

If you saw my recent Ulta Beauty Budget Haul, then you’re aware that I scored some amazing products to help me through the witching season, to infinity and beyond. So I’ve put together a few looks using these products to share with y’all and hopefully spark some inspiration and maybe a bit of courage or creativity. Who knows?

I created this makeup look using these items:

So I started off by blending on some NYX liquid highlighter along my eyelids up to the brown bone and down along my cheekbones. The I took the gold color from my NYX In Your Element Metal eye shadow palette along my lid about 3/4 of the way in. Then I built up using the darker maroon shade #4 along the crease, blending in the coppery color #9 and then running the champagne color #10 along the top building as I go to create a really over the top dramatic eye.

Then I used the teal color #8 and the deeper green color #12 under my eye just above my cheekbone and up the side of my face toward my forehead. I also worked in some of the maroon color again to create some contrast and definition. I kept deepening the colors and spreading them out a bit as I went. I did work in some of the NYX Chromatic Illuminating Powder highlighter in “Lavender Steel” along the middle portion of my forehead, down along my nose, and on my Cupid’s bow to get a really nice iridescent, ethereal sort of glow.

Then I took some of my NYX liquid bronzer along the hollows of my cheeks where I did the darker maroon shade and I blended lightly using both my finger and a damp beauty blender. I’m not trying to create more definition with this but instead I’m trying to create a tacky surface for the glitter to stick to. I tried a few different techniques including using liquid makeup products like the bronzer and the earlier highlighter as well as Vaseline. Overall the Vaseline actually worked best and was least irritating. I applied this along the sides of my face and on my cheeks as well as the middle of the eyelids. Then I took some of the mermaid glitter on a brush and carefully applied it to the Vaselined portions of my face. *Note: as I was applying the glitter I had trouble getting the sequins to stick and wished I had kept them out of the glitter pot so that I could have applied them separately and individually to achieve a better scaled look*

Once I was done with the glitter I applied lime green mascara to my lashes and some emerald green liquid lipstick to both my lips and my eyebrows (*HACK*). I did choose to take some more glitter onto my lips as well.

To finish the look I went along parts of my neck and chest with more of the glitter, let my hair down in waves and threw on a Pink Pewter scarf headband in the same teal and blue tones.

Et voila! My first ever attempt at mermaid makeup. It’s not the every day versions that you’ve seen some folks try with the fishnet stockings and the jewels. But it’s my version. And now having done this I can definitely say that I learned a few things for next time. I’ll definitely be keeping the sequins separate so that I can apply them individually and get a better scaled look. I also went back after these photos were taken and drew some gills along the sides of my neck in the same dark green liquid lip color to add some authenticity. I didn’t style this look but I have some mermaid leggings that would pair great with my black skater skirt and a tshirt with shell bra graphics for an easier outfit. If I were going out, I’d probably wear a sassy dress or something a bit more daring and bold like my floor length, wrap front, strappy slip dress in a dark smokey gray color and tie a tiny bit of netting around my waist like a sarong.

It doesn’t take much, y’all. You just have to be willing to explore and go outside your comfort zone a bit. I hope y’all enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did. If you’re going to attempt it, be sure you have a great cleanser and a ton of makeup wipes handy by the end of the night. Comment below with your own Halloween makeup tips & tricks or suggestions for what you’d like to see next! Follow if you haven’t already so that you never miss a beat. As always Miles Tribe, wishing you all good things. Xo


4 thoughts on “Mermaid Vibes: Halloween Makeup Tutorial!

  1. Willingness to explore and share the thought process! Is this why, we ,who allowed our kids to play in makeup, have an amazing time in their lives being a makeup artist with unlimited viewers sharing zillions of ideas ! Bravo to those who did and future parents” follow the yellow brick road” and enjoy! Isn’t she a lovely mermaid …!

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