Sili Sponge Review!

Okay, y’all. You asked, and it’s finally, FINALLY here. The silicone makeup sponge applicator review. Try saying that five times fast–yeesh! I’m not gonna lie, fam. I wanted to like this. I tried to like this. I put off writing this review hoping if I tried different techniques for application that I would somehow crack this case and fall in love with this product… but facts are facts. And the fact is: I do not like the sili sponge.

Let’s back up for a second. For those of you who maybe aren’t familiar, over the last year or so companies have been producing new makeup applicators like CRAZY! Brushes, sponges, beauty blenders, etc. One of the things several various cosmetic companies have launched is a silicone sponge type makeup applicator. As you can see in the picture below, it’s not domed or cone-shaped like the beauty blenders on the market and it’s roughly the same size as the meat part of your palm. Not super huge or teeny tiny. If you’ve read my post on my Marshall’s haul, you’ll recognize this little glitter bean. I’ve included an excerpt from that post to help explain a bit more about this particular sponge:

This next product is completely new to me. I’ve seen tutorials on different beauty blending sponges and applicators and really I’ve chosen to stick with my brushes and my generic triangle sponges. But the combined promise of a hygienic, latex and BPA free applicator that is also 100% cruelty free gave me pause. It’s called the SiliJelly Sponge silicone makeup applicator by Lindo. The fact that it was only $2.99 instead of $10.00 helped. And I’m not ashamed to admit I like that it’s glittery.

Sounds awesome, right?… yeah… I thought so, too.

Now I watched several tutorials on how to use this, y’all. I did my homework because again, I wanted to like this. Some say that it works best when the makeup is applied directly not the sponge. Others say the opposite. I’ve tried both several times and really didn’t notice much of a difference either way. applying makeup directly on the silicone did mean that I used less product. And of course because the sponge is silicone and not, well, sponge, it doesn’t soak up my product and waste it. But as I was applying I noticed that there’s no good way to achieve an even coverage. This thing smears. It doesn’t blend. It doesn’t effectly pat or glide on. It just smears the product around your skin creating weird lines and smudges as you can see in the pictures below. I couldn’t even move onto my next step when doing my makeup because the applications as just so splotchy and uneven. I felt so betrayed.

And when it came to baking with my loose powder? Forget it! The silicone doesn’t have any texture to grab onto the powder in order to apply it to my skin. It just slid right off. And the silicone sponge that I have, while I’m not sure if it’s true of all silicone sponges, has a seam running along the edge of it which scratches and irritates when trying to smooth out my makeup underneath my eyes, for example. Not good.

I know this review is laughably short but seriously, y’all… I just don’t have anything good to say about this product. Aside from that it was cheap and the glitter was appealing. I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing with it. I may give it another attempt as I move through different foundations heading into winter and the colder months, I’m not sure. If you’re a beauty blender kinda person I would suggest just sticking with that. If you’re old school like myself, the super cheap triangle sponges that you can buy en masse from your local drug store are an obvious choice (even if they’re less hyped).

Thanks again for stopping by! I hope y’all found this review helpful. If you did, be sure to like and comment below with your experiences. If you have some tips or tricks to help me out with this, I’d love to read them so maybe I can figure out what went wrong. And of course if you haven’t already, join the Miles To Go tribe by subscribing so that you receive email updates every time we get together for a new post. Wishing you all good things, fam!



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