Top that!: Torrid try on

Seems fairly straightforward, right? “Put me on and never take me off.” Now that’s the kind of clothing I want in my life. We made it y’all! October is here and the last dregs of summer are finally slipping away. And it couldn’t have come soon enough because I am beyond ready to stat layering warm, cozy sweaters and jackets over cool tees and cheeky long sleeves. So I took a quick trip to my local Torrid store to get my fix and start planning my winter wardrobe. I just have to warn y’all… they have some new pieces that are SO SICK. Alright, alright, I’m going…

This faux leather jacket with rose embroidery and stud detailing is just… ugh! You can’t tell me nothin’ in this jacket. Nothin’. And do you see the way it hits at the waist? Pardon my derrière but the whole point of an amazing jacket is the fit and how it hits at the waist. This is cut so PERFECTLY and just trying it on I was toasty warm. If you’re looking for a unique, sassy piece to help you stay warm Torrid has you covered with thi amazing jacket. And the timing couldn’t be better with a new season of Riverdale around the corner. Dark Betty Cooper/Bughead/Serpents vibes anyone? Listed: $128.90… 25% OFF: $96.67



This next jacket was in the clearance section when I last went. I’d seen if before and even tried it on a few months back but something about it just didn’t sit right. And you now what? It still doesn’t. I wish they had done this jacket in a darker wash. There, I said it. I’m sorry. Y’all know how much I love my Torrid but this particular wash has a green tone to it that looks dirty to me. But I love the positive messaging and beautiful embroidery. Now I do have to fess up and say that my phone was dying as I was doing this try on so I forgot to take pictures of the tags at the end to note the correct sale prices. Torrid is pretty consistent at listing their items for clearance at a sale price of 20% most times, so I’ve generated projected sale prices accordingly and marked the two I had to do this to with an asterisk *. Oops… Listed: $98.90… *Clearance: $79.12… *Addtl 50% OFF: $39.56


Two words: camouflaged anorak. Yes? No? I’m torn. Anorak, yes. I love how lightweight the material can be and how casual and functional it can make just about any outfit. Beaded military style patches? Hell yes. But the camo? Not for me. This jacket also had a drawstring waist to really bring it in and help give defiinition two that your shape isn’t lost in this otherwise drapey garment.  Listed: $68.90… Clearance: $64.90… Addtl 50% OFF: $32.45

This next piece is a subtle, lightweight motto jacket in a charcoal grey. It’s made of this soft, lightweight material similar to Torrid’s high quality anoraks but not as stiff. I was tempted to take it home but it wasn’t the right kind of sale price for a jacket I wasn’t in love with, ya know? Still, I can’t help but love the way that torrid has found the perfect place to cut a jacket in the back.  Listed: $74.90… Clearance: $59.98… Addtl 50% OFF Clearance: $29.99


Looking for a fun way to switch up your basic denim jacket? Look for a mixed media version like this denim/hoodie combo with fun patchwork. This particular one is dear to my heart with its west coast theme. Listed: $98.90… 25% OFF: $74.17


Where are all my chenille babes out there? SHOW OF HANDS! When I was younger, my mother and I had found these two oversized chenille sweaters and I absolutely LIVED in them 24/7. They looked horrendous on me. But they felt like heaven and so zero f*cks were given. This longline, purple chenille cardigan is such a happy throwback for me that I almost bought it just out of nostalgia. Listed: $64.90… 25% OFF: $48.67



Fam. It’s burnt orange. Do I even need to say it? It’s a sweater and it’s burnt orange. Rust orange. All-good-things-in-life orange. But there’s a downside. Y’all knew there had to be one, it’s too good to be true. Can you guess? This is not a sweater for sweat-ers. The material is soft, not itchy, but it’s not a very breathable material and I was uncomfortably warm trying this on in the dressing room. Even still, I may have to have this in my life. Listed: $58.90…25%OFF: $44.17

And the struggle with kimonos continues… Lacey mesh type material? Um, yes. Floral appliqués? Most def. Fringe? All good things, fam. But the fringe was hiding under the arm which gave this sort of waterfall effect  when I put my arms out. Pass.  Listed: $48.90… *Clearance: $39.12 … *Addtl 50% OFF Clearance: $19.56

To top it all off (get it? ‘Cuz tops?) I grabbed two shirts I wouldn’t normally grab. Allow me to explain. I am not blind to the cutout trends that are more or less everywhere at the moment. The cheeky necklines and distressing and laceup details… I am just as fascinated by them and drawn to them as so many of you are. But when I buy clothing, I try to make sure that I’m making an investment and not just a purchase. Distressing, no matter how cool it is essentially weakens the integrity of the piece. It’s not as sturdy, it’s prone to snagging or ripping further, and (and this is a big AND in my world) I can’t wear them to work… But (y’all knew there was a but, or what would be the point?) these next two tops were just too good to pass up. They were both on clearance and available only in oversized (for me) fits which were two of my prerequisites for tops like this. 

The first is this dusty rose, bush sort of color in the softest material imaginable. And because it’s so oversized I spent all of yesterday in it paired with leggings. But I can just as easily tie it up in a knot and wear it over my maxis as the season progresses. And how cute is the new Torrid bralette peeking out? Listed:$42.90… Clearance: $38.98… Addtl 50% OFF Clearance: $19.49


This black top is highly distressed. It looks like a pack of mice got to it. But the lace at the neckline adds a certain touch which softens it a bit. Again, oversized fit to pair with leggings, easy to knot at the waist over maxi dresses or half tuck into maxi skirts. Listed:  $36.90… Clearance: $30.98… Addtl 50% OFF: $15.49

Let’s go out on a really, really high note, babes. Torrid is all about building up women and empowering individuals to believe in themselves and express themselves through fashion. And they understand that there is an unrealistic, so-called ideal in this world that no one will ever attain. This shirt boasts a powerful message: Never perfect, always beautiful. ALWAYS.                  Listed: $28.90… Clearance: $23.98… Addtl 50% OFF Clearance: $11.99

Overall another successful try-on at Torrid. I am so appreciative to live so close to a clothing store which caters to plus sizes in a positive manner. Women should be building one another up. PEOPLE should be building one another up. So wear what makes you happy and to hell with the rest. Wishing you only good things, fam. 



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