Good Vibes Only: How To Combat Negativity

I have a confession: I struggle sometimes with positivity. There have been days lately that have stretched and strained my patience in new ways I didn’t think were possible. Certain interactions with others and their subsequent negative vibes have brought out sides of me that I’m not a fan of and it’s pretty hard sometimes to dig myself out of these funks. But just like there are things I do to recharge my INFJ batteries, there are things that help me to grow and strengthen the best version of myself so as not to allow others to wear me down as much. So if you’ve found yourself struggling to find the silver linings, this ones for you. These are just a few of my favorite things that center my Qi (pronounced like ch-ee) and remind me that I am not the expectations or opinions of others. I am me. And you are you.

1. Sometimes the most immediate way for me to take a breath, especially when I’m in a position to do very little else, is to make a cup of tea. Or coffee. Or warm cider. Something, anything that is immediately comforting and preferably warm because it physically forces me to slow down. And how great is it that the teabags have inspirational messages on their tags?

2. Really this is more like 1.5, but still. What goes better with a warm beverage than a good book and delicious snacks? Books are my favorite. Reading is my favorite. It’s peaceful and quiet. I can go anywhere and be anyone all from the comfort of my home. Reading reminds me of my love of words and creativity. Deep down, I’m a bibliophile and a creator of beautiful things. I am more than what some people would try to make me.


3. When things are really low or even when they’re really high I can always count on the loves of my life to be on my side. Cuddling and caring for my fur babies not only releases happy chemicals for my internal well-being but touch helps to mentally and emotionally ground me, bringing me back down to earth in the moment. And they’re so utterly devoted and genuinely happy to see me every single day. They depend on me entirely. So it’s important to me to treat them well and being positive for them is a big part of that.


4. I make cool stuff. Not gonna lie, I’ve beeen gifted with some random talents. Jack of all trades, master of none fits me to a T. I dabble in several things and I don’t suck at most of them. And I like that I about myself. When I’m feeling negative or down, I remind myself of all of the great things I’ve accomplished or am capable of accomplishing. Self-affirmation is an instant game changer.

5. Go out! Try something new with someone new somewhere new. Or something like that. Go on a date. It doesn’t have to be romantic. Go on a friend date. Dress up and treat each other with a gift or flowers. Try different food. Have dessert first. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but for some unknown reason you’ve been holding back? Let loose a little. Sometimes letting go can be a good thing and help you expand your perception of yourself.


6. And if none of these are doing it for me, it’s a sure sign that I’m the one standing in my own way. And there’s only one cure for that: laughter. I’m prone to taking myself too seriously and this makes it easier for negativity to take hold and drag me down. It’s taken me years to feel comfortable laughing at myself. But I can tell you, it is one of the best feelings in the world.


It’s a shorter post, babes. Because as much as I love spending time with y’all and I’m incredibly grateful for all of the amazing things this site does for me and what it means to me… I have a lovely family that I am going to go and enjoy. And after reading this, I know you’ll understand how important it is to make time for all the things that make up who you are. Who I am. Wishing you all good things, tribe. Always.



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