It’s in the Bag: Charming Charlie’s Walk Through

As I walked around Charming Charie’s I was struck by just how much I appreciate their sense of organization. The entire store is set up according to color and while I love hunting around for really cool thrift store finds, some days there is nothing I love more than being able to search for (and find) exactly what I need or what I’m looking for. Moving beyond my love of color coordination, they also have things set up in specific sections: formal, bohemian, beachy, etc. While I was in the other day, what I noticed across the board was an explosion of novelty items. Everything from keychains, purses, and accessories were styled in a way that’s a bit more whimsical. Bold shapes, bright colors, sassy phrases… I am HOOKED. I wanted to take them all home but I had to settle for the next best thing which was photographing them so I could share them with you lot!

Let’s have a look!

These first few bags remind me of one of my absolute best friends because she worked at a theatre back in the day and is such a movie buff. Brace yourselves for a tangent because I just have to take a second to say that this friend is easily one of the best people I know and I wish I could share her with all of you BUT I’m actually quite selfish with her, sooo I’ll share these cinematic bags instead. First is an adorable cross body bag in this sweet sort of vintage style. It’s a medium-sized bag, easily large enough to hold a wallet, keys, phone, and your blueprints for world domination. Next is a small wallet just big enough for your cards and some bills, easy to grab and go when you really can’t be bothered. OR pair it with the Popcorn bag for the perfect duo on date night. Lastly, in keeping with the vintage, movie-goer theme is this classic clapperboard clutch. It does have a chain strap attachment if crossbody is more your thing and it would go great with the ticket stub wallet as well.

Popcorn Bag: Listed $22.00… Ticket Wallet: Listed $8.00… Clapperboard Clutch: $29.00


These next few bags are just a bit sassier. These pieces to me are fun and strong, sort of ultra-femme in an edgy way. If I’m being 100% honest with y’all, I haven’t stopped thinking about these bags since I left the store. I’m fairly confident that I will succumb to the temptation at some point and end up going back for at least one of these before the season’s over. This first bag is cheeky and chic and badass, like all of the admirable women in my life. Not shown is the rose gold cross body chain that turns this clutch into a wearable statement piece. The next is a tumbler-sized, coffee cup bag which gives me some serious Diane Keaton/Betsey Johnson collaboration vibes. It says so much with so little. So this third bag is sure to cause a little controversy. Think what you want about the Jenner-Kardashian dynasty (friendly reminder that this is a positive space), the bag is stinkin’ cute. I love the mustard color and the larger, more structured shape of the bag. It’s just a really great, low key, femme fatale piece that I would definitely rock this fall. Now this last is sort of the dark horse of this post. It’s very basic but really unexpected in that it’s hyper-utilitarian. Pockets for days. AND IT HAS PEN POCKETS!!! I love pens. I. Love. Pens. So to have a purse that caters to my writer self absolutely warms my little nerd heart in such a Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas kind of way. You can never go wrong with a basic bag and if there’s a way to make it standout AND boost functionality, that’s an A+ in my book. Any one of these would easily pair with a clean white tee and jeans for an effortlessly cool aesthetic. For something with subtle edge I’d style one of these with a sweet skater dress and a tough jacket, maybe faux leather or distressed, embroidered denim, and go about my day.

Rose Gold “Girl Gang”: Listed $19.00… Plaid Coffee: Listed $22.00… Kendall+Kylie: Listed $38.00… Faux Leather Tote: Listed $39.00


How cute are these makeup bags?! What stuck out about these four makeup bags was their size and the fact that while they’re cute and kitschy, they’re still mature and sort of positive in their messaging (okay, the message on the first one is debatable, but the last three? On point). As you can see there are two bags in the same ox-blood, maroon shade which is very on trend right now. The other two are in lighter pastel shades which are great for a softer, muted palette. What I love and can’t get enough of with makeup bags like these from Charming Charlie’s is that they are the perfect size. You can stuff them full of essentials (makeup, pens/pencils, lotions, or hygiene products) and toss them into a larger tote bag for daily use or bust them out for when you’re traveling and need something easy to help organize your suitcase.

I’m Coming For You: Listed $12.00… When Life Gives you Lemons: Listed $10.00… Wing It: Listed $10.00… No Drama:Listed $10.00


Finishing strong, this last collection is a mashup of bohemian and formal because really, the two styles are quite complimentary and can easily lend or borrow from one other. For example, any one of these four bags could be dressed up with a lovely formal gown for a night out OR worn everyday for a cool bohemian vibe with a sweater, skater, and some booties OR go super casual with a basic tee, some cuffed jeans, and your favorite sneakers. Again, I absolutely love these bags. Embellishment and embroidery are HUGE right now especially when used in contrast with super simple pieces (shift dresses, denim, basic tees, oversized sweaters, etc.). I love all of these and it was borderline painful to leave them behind. For that bag lady in your life (yes, I just said bag lady) please, do them a favor and plan ahead to get them something unique and unexpected this holiday season.

Crushed Velvet Fold-Over: Listed $25.00… Vintage-Inspired Beaded Clutch: $39.00… Floral Embroidered/Beaded Envelope: $29.00

What I really took away from this trip to Charming Charlie’s is that fashion is fun. Sometimes we lose sight of this because of all the pressures and outside influences in this world, not to mention the added pressure we put on ourselves to live up to some sort of falsified ideal. At the end of the day fashion is about expression and individuality. Find what you like and let it set you on a path of confidence and self love. Be bright and bold or be sleek and sassy. Whatever makes you happy is what makes you you. We only get one trip, fam. One ticket to ride. Why spend your time trying to be anything other than yourself? Want to keep the positivity going? Comment below with your favorite novelty item from this haul. Have one of your own? Share below! Make sure you’re part of the Miles To Go family by subscribing so you never miss a beat. Wishing you all good things, tribe. Always.



2 thoughts on “It’s in the Bag: Charming Charlie’s Walk Through

  1. Personally, I loved the ticket stub wallet (go figure right♡). I’m a fan of the grab and go wallet/clutch. I find that the bigger the bag I carry, the more I fill it with stuff I have no actually use for and then I can never find anything when I need it. I thought the makeup bags were all cute and fun, especially “I’m coming for you.” Gosh, that vintage inspired beaded clutch was gorgeous! You should totally go back and get It!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So now I know exactly what to get you for the holidays 🙊 I have my eye on this cool graphic tee on Etsy for you, too. Spoiler. Too bad! Small bags are great but I inevitably rotate back to a bigger bag. The beauty of it is that we’re not tied down to just one thing. As for that beaded clutch, we’re going to a wedding in November and that bag may or may not make another appearance in a future post 😉


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