Hello Fresh! Crispy Crusted Half Chicken

Helloooo Fresh family! See what I did there? Hardy har, I know. But really. Welcome back to the shenanigans. As you may have guessed I’ve been busy as of late. But really, who isn’t? We make time for the things that matter. One of the things that us Miles folk have chosen to make more time for at home is cooking together. My husband loves to cook and I love to bake. Sounds like a pretty great mix, right? Yeah, no. We do NOT do well in the kitchen together. He hovers. I don’t share. It’s adorably destructive. 

So when our good friend suggested we try Hello Fresh, I was a little less than optimistic about how well this would work for us. But I was curious and it sounded like so much fun. When she said that she could send us our first box for free, I figured “why not?” We’ve been using Hello Fresh for just over a month now and I’m not overhyping it when I say this has changed the way we cook and eat at home. 

But Chris, what is Hello Fresh?” Fear not, babes! I will explain. But before I do, allow me to preface this by saying this is not a sponsored or affiliated post. That being said, Hello Fresh is a mail order service which provides easy to follow recipes and ingredients to subscribers so they can create healthy meals in next to no time at all. Picky eaters? Health or dietary restrictions or preferences? They’ve covered all their bases ensuring that everyone is welcome and able to customize meal plans according to taste and family size. They’re so confident in their products and services that they offer to give you your first box for free and they provide their current subscribers with codes and freebies to give out to their friends so we can keep the HF train rolling. 

The ingredients get mailed straight to my door on the day of my choosing packaged wth ice packs to keep things fresh until I’m ready to use them. For this post I’m going to go over just how easy (and freaking awesome!) it was to make the Hello Fresh Crispy Crusted Half Chicken. 

Ingredients included:

  • Rosemary
  • Lemon
  • Garlic
  • Multicolor fingerling potatoes
  • Half Chicken
  • Panko Breadcrumbs
  • Heirloom Grape Tomatoes
  • Arugula

It looks a little something like this…

First they tell you to preheat the oven and prep the produce. Wash the potatoes, tomatoes, and arugula. Strip the rosemary off its stems. Peel the garlic etc. 

FYI rosemary is one of my all-time favorite smells. I love rosemary. If I could keep plants alive, I would grow this everywhere. But I’m more of a plant hospice lady. Moving on… Chop the rosemary into little bits. 

Next, it says to zest the lemon… I’m a grown up. I don’t own a zester. Grating didn’t work super great (<–Eh?). Spoiler: it worked out. Then cut the lemon in half and set aside. 


Can anyone guess what we’re gonna do with the garlic? Cliffhanger…


Smoosh it. I went ahead and combined the rosemary, “zest”, and garlic in the same bowl because, like your favorite [insert power couple here] we all know they’re going to wind up together in the end. Well…that, and I read ahead. 

It was at this point that I noticed these little fingerling potatoes giving me side eye. Mhmm. So we had a little chat George Foreman style. Remember in grade school the teacher would tell the class to fold along the dotted line either hotdog or hamburger style? Cut the potatoes hotdog style. You’ll see why.

This next step is my least favorite part. I spent several years in college (and a few after) being vegetarian (ovo-lacto) and then later pescatarian. Eventually (and painfully, I might add) I got away from it but I’ve never quite gotten used to handling dead animals. Because that’s really what meat is. Appetizing right? I’m doing awesome at this… So this step in the instructions is where we add insult to injury and further mutilate the poor (soon to be delicious) chicken. Then we’re going to apologize by gently massaging it with oil and the zesty rosemary and garlic. 

After the massage, the chicken should be nice and relaxed. Go ahead and lay it to rest on a cookie sheet as shown below. Then we toss the potato fingers in the same oil, rosemary, lemon, garlic mixture and spread them out next to the chicken.

We are gathered here today to pay respect to this beautiful bird that gave its life so that we could eat and enjoy spending time together in the kitchen. I am sorry bird. I hope you had a good chicken life with lots of chicken friends…

I’ve never used Panko Breadcrumbs before. I’m twenty seven years old. Applying it was a little anti-climactic probably because that’s a very accurate verb for using panko. I applied it with my hand(s) which was gross and felt sort of weird. But Panko definitely turned things around and was full on pro-climactic delicious. 

Did I leave the oven on? Pffft. Yeah, I did…ON PURPOSE! Bake at 425 for approximately 40mins. 

No rest for the wicked. Remember that lemon we mutilated, I mean zested, earlier? Yeah. 

Arugula+halved tomatoes+lemon juice= SALAD. BOOM!

Roughly one Vampire Diaries episode later (*we’re rewatching them because we’re in denial) and suddenly we have food!


How easy was that? Seriously. Aside from handling the chicken, it really wasn’t traumatizing at all. I mean, it got a little dicey there with the potatoes…

If you couldn’t tell from the pictures, the portions are more than fair but still incredibly healthy. This particular meal is fairly standard and is just so comforting to come home to; we just follow the instructions and have an amazing meal to sit back and relax with. I love it. He loves it. Together we can easily divide the tasks so there’s no more hovering or hoarding. It’s really helped us be better in the kitchen not just with each other but for each other. We get amazing home cooked meals in almost no time at all. We get to pick from a variety of options that include comfort food like this awesome chicken. If we’re in the mood to be adventurous and try something we never would have on our own, like the Creamy Shrimp Tagliatelle that we ate tonight, we can opt for that, too! With three or more pre-planned meals sent to us each week, we eat out less and we don’t waste money on groceries that go bad before we get around to using them. It’s the perfect setup for us, really. 

If you’re interested in trying out Hello Fresh, let me know! I have a few freebie boxes and discount codes that I can send out to y’all. Already use Hello Fresh? Comment below with some of your favorite meals that you’ve tried so far. Maybe we can coordinate and do a cooking collab! It was a pleasure as always, Miles tribe. Thanks for stopping by to cook with me. Make sure you’re subscribed so you stay in the loop on all the exciting goings on this side of the inter webs. Wishing you all good things, always. 



2 thoughts on “Hello Fresh! Crispy Crusted Half Chicken

  1. So, I laughed more reading your Hello fresh review than I have while watching certain episodes of Gilmore Girls. Kudos!
    I actually have this same recipe in my refrigerator right now! I’ll have to have a service for my dearly departed chicken as well.
    I absolutely love HF! I’ve been doing it for months now and there have only been one or two dishes I didn’t like, but the sides were still tasty so it wasn’t a total bust. I’m definitely a fan of their Asian inspired dishes, so if you haven’t tried them you totally should. The Sizzling Hoisen Shrimp and the Sweet as Honey Chicken are one of my all time faves! How was the other shrimp recipe you made? I’m expecting that one to come in this Friday! Nom nom nom.

    Ps. You are not the only one who struggles to cook with your significant other in the kitchen. My fella likes to help, but usually only when he gets to use fun tools like the garlic mincer and zester lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m pretty sure this may be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Being comparable to my beloved Gilmore’s is high praise indeed! You getting us hooked on HF has been one of the best things, I cannot thank you enough! It’s incredibly convenient and I love having something consistently happy to look forward to each week.
      We just tried the beef noodle bowl last week and it was 🔥 🔥 🔥! Sooo good. We both agreed we could easily eat that once a week. The honey shrimp was also one of my favorites! The Shrimp Tagliatelle was really rich and delicious. To be fair though, I liked it more than he did but he’s not a huge fan of seafood– he still said it was awesome!
      Pretty sure our fellas are cut from similar cloth when it comes to fun tools in the kitchen. But there’s a saying somewhere about stones and glass houses, so I digress 😂


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