DIY Zipper Rescue

Dear Karma Bus, I would just like to take this opportunity to apologize for my behavior lately. I want you to know that I got your message, loud and clear, in the form of a broken zipper on my favorite boots this morning when I was already running late. This makes us even, right?

…Fast forward…

Good morning, Miles tribe! Or good whatever-time-it-is-when-you’re-reading-this. And welcome to another life lesson courtesy of yours truly with a little help from the Universe/Powers that Be/Cosmic Energy/Whatever you believe in. I’m a firm believer in certain things happening for a reason and breaking the (other) zipper on my favorite pair of boots was no exception. It was the world’s way of telling me to slow down and shift gears. Literally. But I’m flexible–somewhere out there my mother just coughed at that statement. But seriously. I chose a different pair of shoes and went about my day. I wasn’t going to stress it or try to make something work in the moment that very clearly wanted nothing to do with me. It was a welcome reminder. 

But that day is over and I seriously want my boots back… So in this post I’m going to share with y’all an easy zipper hack that is not only effective, but cute to boot (just rollin’ with the pun-ches over here). With this particular pair of boots, I’m actually glad this zipper broke the way it did because it did the same exact thing on both boots. Now instead of being lopsided I can have them match. 

First things first, we need to get rid of this broken zipper pull. Because that radioactive spider has yet to show up and turn me into the Hulk or Spider-Man, I used pliers to bend the zipper pull and remove it from the slide like so:

Next on the menu is deciding on a new, sturdy medium that will match the aesthetic of the garment (in this case my lace-up, knee high, suede boots). It could be a cute ribbon or some cordage–something slim enough to fit through the slide but strong enough to standup to the pressure without running for cover or having a break down. 

Once you’ve decided on your new zipper pull, whatever it may be, feed it through the opening on the zipper slide. If you’re having trouble, I used needle-nosed tweezers to help negotiate through the narrow space. All those hours spent playing Operation finally paid off (yusssss). Side Note: don’t get discouraged if your first idea or attempt isn’t the most successful. Just switch it up. I opted to swap out this teal string for a stronger red yarn.

For something more delicate like a sweater or dress, you could probably get away with just threading your string or ribbon right through, knotting it, and calling it a day. But for something with more tension like these boots, I loop the string before I begin shoving it through to the other side. 

When I’ve succeeded and have a loop on one side and the ends of the string on the other, I feed the ends of the string over the top of the pull and through the loop on the other side to tighten.

This creates a great tension system which puts less strain on individual strings or strands. Because as much as I love feeling like off duty McGyver, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” I want to fix it once and have it stay fixed. And depending on what kind of material you’ve chosen for your new zipper pull, the tension of being pulled  will actually tighten the loop with use and make it more secure over time so you won’t run the risk of it falling out or coming undone. 

… Are we there yet? Almost. For those of you who just need a quick fix, I say go forth and live your best zippered lives. 

As for the rest of us, if we’re gonna go to all this trouble, we may as well make it cute, no? 

Feel free to knot some chunky, wooden beads to the ends for an easier grip. Or if you want something a little funkier, maybe a bit more unexpected, opt for some tasssels or stacked glass or plastic beads. Don’t be afraid to pick a bold color combo for a fun pop or accent. I like how the crimson and turquoise complimented the natural suede and really took my boots to a different level. Whatever your style, just do you. 

And that’s how the west was won, babes. I hope you enjoyed this down and dirty, super simple zipper fix. If it worked for you, be sure to leave a comment below with your success story. Want to see some more cool DIY hacks, tricks, and tips? Be sure and join the family by subscribing so you don’t miss out on the next exciting adventure. Wishing you all good things, always. 



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