“No drama” drama: no fuss dramatic makeup

As much as I love makeup and art an experimenting with different looks, I enjoy being makeup-free just as much. And I personally don’t find one to be more empowering than the other. My face is my face and for me makeup isn’t about changing that. But more on that later. As for right now, I can already tell that today is going to be a minimal, low key makeup kind of day. I have errands to run and chores to do and really no need or time for a full face of product. So on days when I can’t be bothered or I’m running low on time there’s a simple routine I can do in less than 10 minutes that still makes an impact. 

First, I make sure to prep my cleansed, moisturized skin with my favorite primer, Milani Prime Shield.  

Second, I apply concealor underneath my eyes and along my T zone. Rimmel London Cosmetics Match Perfection in the shade 230 Fair is my go-to concealor when I’m looking to color match or color correct instead of highlight or layer underneath foundation. This generally matches my skin tone year ’round and is one of the few cosmetics I keep in my purse for on-the-go touch-ups or in case of  perceived “emergencies.” 

Third, I use a fluffy brush like this one from ELF Cosmetics to lightly dust some translucent powder all over to set the concealor and help prevent shine throughout the day. 

Fourth: Bronze and highlight. My face flushes easily and my skin is naturally very fair so on days when I’m not wearing much makeup I just use a little bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks to warm up my face and some highlighter along the tops of my cheekbones for dewy skin.

Eyes are all one step in this look because it’s two products at most and some days it isn’t even that much. Eyeliner halfway across the top of my lids and the bottom. Then mascara on both my top and lower lashes.

And finally NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray. Even on days of minimal makeup, I set my skin to help lock-in moisture and reduce shine. It’s both cooling and refreshing. And really, why not?

No fuss, no muss and I’m out the door. So this is a bit of a quick one, y’all. 10 minutes or less, as promised. Really this look is about amazing skin. With less product, my freckles can peek through, my blush is natural and youthful, and the makeup that I do have on serves to play up natural contrast, shadows, and highlights in a way that appears effortless. This is my “the only drama I have time for is in my lashes” look. This is also the kind of played down makeup look I’d use when I’m planning a bold lip; features strong enough to support a deep burgundy or a fire engine red pout. So I hope you take this and run with it. Because there are so many different possibilities, so many different looks and they can all be “you” in the way that only you can be. Whether it’s more product or less. Just be yourself. Just do you. 

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