Halloween with HomeGoods: low-key witchy vibes

Hey fam! It’s that time of year again and I can always trust HomeGoods to have the hookup. The unbeatable prices and unique variety have kept me trolling my local store for years and I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. Now I’m sharing this knowledge with y’all. Here are some of my favorite ways to turn up the volume this Halloween with some low key items you can work in all year long.

Natural elements. Introducing natural elements in decorating, like roughly hewn wood pieces, lends dimension and earthy texture to an otherwise muted space. An elongated bowl like this would be great on an entryway table or a media table behind the couch. Toss in some filler like acorns, coffee beans, or even potpourri and center a pillar candle to let the mysticism commence. Compare at ???; Listed $19.99; Clearance $12.00

A small wooden box for keys, change, and the like? Rough carvings keep this creepy box down to earth and subtle on a mantle or side table. Compare at $9.00; Listed $5.99

This catch-all may not seem creepy cool up front but add some stones like rose quartz and tiger’s eye, maybe some lapis lazuli for all you TVD fans, and presto! Instant creepy street cred in a realistic, non-commercialized way. And when the holiday’s laid to rest, you can reuse it for other things like jewelry, paper clips, or even beads. Compare at $25.00; Listed ???; Clearance $7.00

Glass and Mirrors. Glass in various forms can create depth and mystery. Bottles, decanters, jars, mirrors… items easily transformed into potion bottles, decanters of blood red wine, jars of herbs and ingredients. Even in the bathroom. Apothecary style jars elevate style and provide more vintage authenticity to ramp up the ghoulishness. Decanter: Compare at $33.00; Listed $19.99… Soap Dispensers: Compare at $22.00; Listed $12.99


And mirrors? Mirrors catch light, shadows, movement, and have the eerie ability to make a space appear larger than it is–almost like magic. Snag one with some cool etching or an elaborate frame for a little drama worthy of a good haunting. If quotes and words of affirmation are your thing, stick to something multi-faceted that can be applicable all year long so you’re not just making a holiday specific purchase that you’ll pull out once a year, but an investment. From left to right: Compare at $200.00; Listed $129.99…Compare at $130.00; Listed $79.99… Compare at $25.00; Listed $16.99


Creeptacular Art. Art can lend a big hand in the creep column, so use it wisely. Whether you’re into larger fixtures like wooden post signs or smaller, more every day items like framed insects (maybe not my version of every day, but hey–something for everyone, right?)  you’d be hard pressed not to find something tantalizing at HomeGoods. Like this feather nestled between dual panes of glass framed out in black. It’s bound to raise your spirits faster than you can say “leviOsa.” And it’s not so specific that it can’t be left up after all’s said and done.

Left to right: Compare at $28.00; Listed $19.99… Compare at ???; Listed $99.99 *This old school Inn sign we actually found on a previous trip but I’ve been saving it for this post–it was too good to pass up and it is HUGE!


Candles. Candles are amazing anytime. But there’s something especially spooky about candlelight en masse, specifically at twilight. Yes. I just went there. But I’m not wrong. Candles with upcycled materials like old wine bottles or unique glass jars lend romantic, gothy vibes during the witching season. Plus, the cuter the candle jar, the better it’ll look holding your jewelry or other knick-knacks afterward. Left to right: Compare at $42.00; Listed $24.99…Compare at ???; Listed ??? 


Compare at $10.00; Listed $5.99

Compare at $25.00; Listed $14.99


Fairy Lights. When thin, wire strands of LED lights burst onto the home decor scene, we all just about lost our minds. I mean, they’re stunning in a delicate, non-intrusive way you can’t help but  gush over. But I feel that for some folks it’s a longing, far away sort of crush. And maybe I’m wrong. But if I’m right, and the only thing stopping some of you is uncertainty or fear of creativity, then maybe we can help put some of that to rest. Geometric pieces are all the rage these days so if that’s your scene, find a cool, open weave sphere and string some lights on the inside. In love with a glass piece but have no idea what you’d do with it? Jumble a strand inside around a pillar candle and feel free to use as a table centerpiece.

Left to right: Compare at ???; Listed $7.99; Clearance $6.00… Compare at $39.99; Listed $19.99


For this last piece I would fill each glass votive with a strand of the copper wired LEDs and crowd some munchkin pumpkins and greenery around the base to use on the ledge behind our couch or on a long dining table, ideally outside for a special event like All Hallows’ Eve. Compare at $70.00; Listed $39.99

That’s all she wrote on this particular visit to HomeGoods for Halloween goodness, y’all. I wound up taking home the first item I shared with y’all, the wooden boat-shaped bowl, and the bell jar candle (for my husband). I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. And I hope this little walk through showed that holiday decor doesn’t have to be over-the-top, in-your-face theme-ish. Sometimes the biggest impacts are made when they’re more natural and personal. And for someone who works hard for the money, I’m picky about my stuff. Ergo most of my purchases tend to be personal and well loved. So whether you’re witchy, ghoulish, or ghostly, there’s something in this haul for everyone to haunt. All you have to do is be willing to see it. If any of these ideas sparked your inner spell master, then be sure to like this post and let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the next spooktacular adventure!


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