Bath&Body Works Haul: candles, candles, & more candles

Holy fall explosion, Batman! Seemingly overnight local stores in my area are filled to bursting with pumpkins and leaves as far as the eye can see. All things cinnamon and apple-spice are out and about creating much needed ambiance in our sweltering, southern state. AND I LOVE IT!

First stop on the autumnal express? Bath and Body Works. For those of you with limited experience with this particular company, their return policy is one of the best I’ve seen from such a large corporation. Their slogan even boasts that customers can “love it or bring it back!” During this visit I really focused on stocking up on candles and wallflower plug-ins to kick my fall vibe into high gear at home. We tend to go through a lot of candles in our house because we prefer the soft light and ethereal atmosphere so we really rely on savvy shopping and sales to meet our quota. If you too are looking for some great additions to kickstart your descent into fall madness, grab a seat and some popcorn while we unwrap this season’s must-haves from BBW.

Leading our fall line up is Sweater Weather. This comes in various forms including candles, plug-ins, etc. This is my go-to scent year ’round. This is my holy grail item that I stockpile. I even give them out as gifts when I have extra. It’s a clean, soft, earthy scent that isn’t overpowering and has earned countless “your home smells amazing!” compliments.

Next up is Vanilla Birch and ohmylanta… This may have usurped my beloved Sweater Weather. This candle is part of the Bath & Body Works White Barn collection. It’s a little sweeter and noticeably stronger. It’s one of those instant memory-jogging sort of scents that reminds me so intensely of my childhood friend’s home that I loved to visit. It makes me homesick, but in a good way.

Autumn is everything you think it is: crisp, clean, light. It’s subtle and mellow; an effortless decision, really, to make this a staple in our home during the colder seasons.

And if you like BBW’s Autumn scent, you’re gonna love Leaves.Where Autumn is subtle sugar, Leaves is all spice and everything nice. It has warm cinnamon and apple tones without the lingering sweetness some dessert candles favor.

This next one isn’t actually one of my favorites but it is one of my husband’s favorites. That being said, I can appreciate it for what it is. Tea & Lemon is the dark horse of this haul. It isn’t exactly fall-ish or autumnal but it is homey and warm. Clean tea and citrus scents are perfect for my kitchen and actually compliment some of the fall candles very well.

The last candle I have to share with y’all is a new one in our home. To be honest with y’all, I was surprised at myself for being drawn to Peppered Plum. I’m not really into fruity scents, no matter their form. I’m wholly convinced that it’s the saffron and peppercorn that save this one for me. The spices balance the sweetness of the fruit and make this a romantic-smelling candle; a sort of lingering sweetness with a bite.

Last on my list were some new wallflower plug-ins. I’ve taken a long break from using plug-ins because they were expensive to keep up with and have a tendency to be overwhelming in our small apartment. We also took some time over the last year to experiment with more natural air diffusers, humidifiers, and wax melts. None of them are as consistent as these. And while I worry constantly about leaving a wax melt or candlewarmer on and accidentally burning down the place, I don’t have to worry with these. Bath and Body Works’ plug-ins have an automated shut off in the event of a power surge which helps protect my home and my pets when I’m not there. And if one of these switches does happen to flip or I notice it’s not operating properly, I can just take it in to any local BBW and get it replaced at no charge thanks to their 100% guarantee. So what scent did we settle on for our entire home? Vanilla Birch. I just can’t get enough of this and my husband is totally in the same boat. I think it’s going to take a crowbar or something stronger to separate me from the love I have for this sweet, woodsy combination.

Ummm, Chris? Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Fear not! I haven’t forgotten to share the best part with y’all. The large, 3-wick candles were on sale 50% off so instead of $24.50 they were $12.50. If you’re signed up for their coupons, some of them are able to be combined during this sale which can save you even more money. The wallflowers are regularly $6.50 but have a consistent running sale price if you purchase multiples. We just happened to be in time to get 5 for $23. Was this an expensive trip? Yes. Was it worth it to be stocked up for the season? I like to think so. Would I be happier if their pricing was more reasonable for every day use? Most definitely. But they know how to make a product that’s hard to walk away from. So for now, here we are.

So Miles tribe, I hope this gave y’all a hankering to load up on all things fall. Coming home is the best part of my day and having it smell like childhood memories, all warm and lovely, is something I’m thrilled I can recreate. Finally. Go forth and sample all the things at BBW. Good luck! If you loved this post, hit “like” below and be sure to omment with your favorites for the season. Now that my home smells like fall, I can’t wait to decorate! Don’t wanna miss out on my freaky cool finds? Subscribe and I’ll see you in my next post!

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