Introverting 101

It has taken me years to accept the simple fact that I am different and that my particular brand of different is okay. More than okay, it’s who I am and that’s something to be celebrated. Growing up introverted presented its own unique set of challenges but, as something closely resembling an adult, I have learned to navigate and appreciate what it’s given me. One of the most important things I’ve had to learn to protect and maintain for myself as a person is my down time. 

The scientific Law of Conservation of Mass is that “energy is neither created nor destroyed” but rather transferred or displaced. So when interacting with those of extraordinarily high energy or when placed in high energy situations, it takes a lot out of me. But when I’m able to disconnect from the world and refocus my center there are certain things that can always get me where I need to be– certain surefire pieces of my particular INFJ puzzle that drown out the white noise and settle the dust so I can see more clearly. And now I’m sharing them with you…

  1. Gilmore Girls. I have rewatched this show more times than I can count. It’s my battle cry and my homecoming all wrapped up in one quirky, haphazard package.
  2. A great playlist. Some of my favorite bands when I need to recharge are The Cinematic Orchestra, George Winston, Angus and Julia Stone, The Weepies, The Arcadian Wild, NEEDTOBREATHE, The Milk Carton Kids, The Weakerthans, and Imogen Heap to name a few. 
  3. Shopping. As boring and basic as it may seem there’s something incredibly therapeutic about walking around for hours not having to talk to anyone but not exactly being alone either. It’s the right kind of balance. And focusing on the simple task of finding things you like or need is a great way to shut off the anxiety.
  4. DIY projects. If things are especially crazy and none of the usual mediums are bringing me back to earth, I bake. I’m a stress baker. There’s something calming about creating something that’s a real confidence boooster when I need it most. Sometimes it’s baking, sometimes it’s jewelry or painting or refinishing the furniture. And if I can’t create, I clean. A clean space is just as effective as creating something new sometimes and the benefits can be more immediate and gratifying. 
  5. Writing. And when the only way out is through, I write. Writing has always been one of my most cherished outlets providing me with somewhere safe for the endless inner monologue to land. To get it out, examine it, and then put it to bed.

So here I am on a day free of responsibility or requirement. I woke up and cleaned. I cooked. Currently I’m writing while dinner is baking. I’m snuggled up next to a snoring pup with a cup of coffee rewatching Lorelai and Rory Gilmore zigzagging through their lives in season one of what is arguably one of the best cult classic shows to date. This to me is just short of a perfect day missing only an amazing autumnal chill or soft snowfall and my best friend, my husband. 

And I protect days like this fiercely. I’m a homebody and I’m okay with this. Because my home life is pretty great. I don’t enjoy the overhyped, technicolor, rattle-your-skull noise that some others seek out to fill the void because I’m not afraid of what I find in my quiet. Less filler, more filter if you will. If this is your thing or this is your perfect day then welcome. If this is not your perfect day but you can relate, welcome. Stick around. Like. Comment. Follow. We all could use a little more understanding now and then. 


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