The absolute easiest hair tutorial

I’ve been steadily growing out my hair over the last couple years and really, I’ve just been letting it do its own thing. But with it getting longer and the weather getting warmer I was forced to reasses some things this summer. So like the bookish nerd that I am, I began researching. I was looking into hairstyle tutorials on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram… and most of what I found looked incredible. It also looked like it would require a team of professionals, at least 2 different styling tools, and more time than I was willing to spend. 

Then, on one of my random trips to Ulta, I came across the Pink Pewter hair accessory section. And you now what? It was love at first sight. But the cruel kind of love where you are immediately infatuated with them and they don’t know you exist. If you read my recent haul post, you probably learned that I have a larger than average head on account of brains and essentials. Headbands have forever been the bane of my existence. They don’t fit right and they squeeze and they cause headaches and hair creases. But then there was Pink Pewter… 

They have a wide variety of hair accessories, some of which double as jewelry. Some of their headbands have dual elastic backs while others have a scarf tie back which is adjustable (thank the lawd!). I snagged several of each and I feel comfortable saying we now have a mutually beneficial relationship. So, because I’m a good friend, I’m willing to set y’all up with the secret to my favorite, absolute easiest hair hack to date. Let’s do this!

Step 1: Assess the mess. I have a lot of fine hair which is naturally stick straight. To create texture and volume (specifically with this particular look) I start with some dry shampoo on and around the crown of my head. Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo in white grapefruit and mosa mint is great when I need a little extra oomph but for lighter days I like to use the Not Your Mother’s Plump For Joy Body Building Dry Shampoo in orange mango. Et voila!

 +  = 
Step 2. Pick your poison. After I just gushed about Pink Pewter, I have to say that tbe headband I’m about to share with y’all is not a Pink Pewter design. I know, right? Cliffhanger. It was actually gifted to me by a dear family friend for my birthday last year. Now that my hair is longer I’m finally getting around to styling it! One of my favorite parts about this particular hair piece is that it benefits more than the wearer. This piece is from Headbands of Hope, a company with an amazing platform supporting children who suffer from cancer. For every item purchased, a headband is gifted to a child with cancer in an effort to promote positivity and goodness in this world. They’ve been donating their headbands to children’s hospitals since 2012. With cancer touching so many families, purchasing one of their many amazing accessories is such an easy and readily accessible way to give back. Please visit their site at

Step 3. Get it twisted. Choose the starting point for your headband. I may start a looser headband lower on my forehead for more of a hippy boho vibe. For a more polished look or if I’m using a tighter headband I start just behind my bangs so the headband encircles the crown of my head. *For more volume on top sometimes I’ll tease the hair around the crown of my head before placing my headband. I place the headband over top of my brushed hair. Starting with half to one inch pieces I begin tucking the hair up over the top of the headband and back out through the bottom. I continue this around the back of my head until I’m about half to three quarters of the way. Then I work back from the other side using half an inch to one inch sections. When I get to the hair left over, if I just want a seamless look I’ll tuck the rest of the hair into the roll that’s already created. It’s invisible and you can’t even see it once I’ve done this. If I’m feeling a little more creative I might twist the remaining hair into a loose bun or chignon and pin it up. 

Step 4. There is no step four. No, really. That’s it. I told you, easiest hair tutorial ever. If you really need a step four I guess it would be pulling down a few pieces around your face to soften the look (if you haven’t already). I also pull on the twisted pieces a little to loosen them so they’re not incredibly tight and together–again, it’s a matter of preference. This just softens the look and gives it more of an effortlessly cool I-woke-up-like-this vibe. 


So there you have it! The secret to my easiest hairdo. And bonus for all my non-curly babes out there: when you take your hair out of this style at the end of the day, you’ll have amazing curls without having used any heat at all. BOOM! You’re welcome. If you loved this hair tutorial be sure to click below to “like” this post and hit “follow” so you don’t miss out!


*This tutorial is based on personal preference. This is not a sponsored review of any of the products mentioned. This hair is the easiest tutorial for me at this point in my life and I simply couldn’t keep this goodness all to myself. 

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