So it begins…

I don’t normally share my writing. If I do, it’s typically with people I trust. Letters to friends or meaningful words to people I love. And I’ve never been one for diaries or journals. Something in my nature abhors the thought of feeling obligated to create. Maybe that makes me negligent in my craft. Maybe that means it’s not really my craft at all. What I do know is that when the words come, there’s no hiding from them. And when they go, I’ve learned to let them. I love writing too much to try and force something.

With any art I believe there’s a certain level of pressure to create something meaningful with every project. The crushing weight of expectation is more apt to smother a spark than it is to foster a flame. Perhaps what I’m hoping to accomplish here is some sort of middle ground, a safe space in which I can create freely through various mediums. Whether it’s sharing lifestyle hacks, my love of fashion and beauty, photography, music, poetry and prose…

To say this site is just one thing, to limit and stunt it’s growth so unfairly, would be shortsighted and naïve. I have so much living to do and I want to be able to channel my creativity in a way that serves others as well as myself. Of course it seems narcissistic. But if it reaches just one person, then it’s worth the risk of having tried.



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